Why People Prefer Us over Seatac Airport Parking and WallyPark SeaTac

Traveling anywhere comes with its share of expenses. If you opt for a road trip, you must cover the fuel – not to mention the auxiliary costs of wear and tear on your vehicle. You can rent a vehicle, of course, but a rental car may be more than the price of a round-trip flight! Aeroparking Flying offers a convenient and relatively affordable means of getting from one destination to another. When you are ready to catch a flight, you will require transportation to and from SeaTac Airport. Taxis are expensive, and ride share services can be unreliable and even dangerous. Numerous flyers have discovered that leaving their cars at an offsite facility is an optimal plan. If you park at the right lot, the rates are notably less expensive than at SeaTac Airport. Which one is the right parking lot? Aeroparking is, of course! We don’t expect you to take our word for it, however. Instead, take a look at what we provide, and you will understand why locals prefer Aeroparking over parking at the airport or using our offsite competitors (such as WallyPark SeaTac).

The Proof is in the Prices

Let’s start by comparing the consistently low daily rates at Aeroparking with those of other options. Our prices are some of the lowest you will find in SeaTac. The airport’s parking fees are far too high for countless SeaTac residents; in fact, their normal daily rates are more than triple what you would pay with Aeroparking’s online prices. How about WallyPark? Well, you would pay a few dollars more per day for their current posted regular daily rates, and those are the cheapest rates they offer; everything goes up from there. On many occasions, people make the switch to Aeroparking because other facilities allow unsafe circumstances to manifest. More than one Yelp reviewer has complained that another offsite lot fails to communicate when the facility is overbooked and full. This leaves their customers in the uncomfortable position of parking in unsafe areas of the facility, such as ramps. At Aeroparking, your reservation is important to us. In rare cases where the parking lot might be full, we provide valet service so that you are not forced to leave your vehicle somewhere that is unsafe for you and others.

We Care About You and Your Vehicle

At Aeroparking, we want to ensure that your vehicle is safe upon your return home. While other facilities park your vehicle on unpaved ground (which you might not know until it’s too late if you use their valet service), you can rest easy in the knowledge that our lot is paved. Our facility is also well lighted, fenced in, and staffed 24/7, so you do not need to feel unsafe because of a late-night flight.

Minimize Travel Stress at Aeroparking

When you weigh the pros and cons of using Aeroparking, airport parking, or WallyPark SeaTac and other offsite lots, it’s clear that Aeroparking is the best option. Our facility is located just minutes from SeaTac Airport, and our shuttle service is free. Our prices are consistently low, so you don’t need to secure special “deals” for the privilege of paying rates that are often still higher than ours. We’ve earned a solid reputation in SeaTac, and we look forward to surpassing your expectations!

The Short Term and Long Term Parking SeaTac Travelers Need

Whether you are flying out of SeaTac Airport for a brief business trip or an extended stay, finding an appropriate parking facility is of the utmost importance. You won’t want to spend one minute of your time away worrying about your vehicle. When you select the right place to park, you don’t need to worry – it’s that simple! There may be a variety of options in the area, but few compare with the affordability and security of Aeroparking. No matter what your travel plans might be, we provide the short term and long term parking SeaTac travelers prefer. fast car

Unbeatable Rates

Aeroparking consistently offers daily rates that beat out the competition. While some places, such as SeaTac Airport, offer high rates for short term parking and slightly better prices for long term parking, Aeroparking simplifies matters for everyone. Instead of locking you in by requiring a recurring monthly bill for long term parking, you can pay the same low rates that you would enjoy for short term parking. In fact, our daily rates are more than a third lower than the daily fees presently being charged at the airport.

Multifaceted Security Measures

If you’re going to leave your vehicle parked somewhere during your trip, the last detail that you should have to be concerned with is whether your car will be safe. This is why we do everything we can to ensure that your car is in good hands. We have installed an excellent lighting system, which immediately discourages theft and vandalism. Additionally, our facility is fenced in, and people can only be admitted through the front gate and onto the lot by a staff member. Finally, our facility always has a staff member onsite. Essentially, we provide our customers with three layers of protection from harm to their vehicles.

Free Parking Days

As if low parking rates and top-notch security weren’t enough, you can also earn free parking days at our offsite SeaTac Airport facility. Membership to our Aeroclub is easy and free of charge. All you need to do is ask for a Perks card the next time you’re on the premises. Then, register online (this should only take a few minutes). Once you have signed up to be part of the Perks club, you may begin accruing points as soon as your next visit. You get 5 points for every paid day at Aeroparking. Once you have accumulated 35 points, you are eligible to receive a free day of parking. If you park here often or long enough, you could find yourself with free parking during an entire business trip or family vacation in the future. In addition, Perks members are entitled to a dollar off of our posted rates.

Short Term and Long Term Parking SeaTac Residents Appreciate

You shouldn’t need to spend a significant portion of your travel budget simply to park your car. At Aeroparking, we post affordable daily rates and so much more. When you park your vehicle on our lot, you will have access to a secured, offsite SeaTac Airport parking facility, outstanding perks for rewards club members, and low prices every day for short term and long term trips. Feel free to contact us for more information, so you may begin experiencing all that we have to offer!

Exploring the Possibilities in Sea Tac Parking

If you have ever planned a trip out of SeaTac Airport, then you likely know how important it is to find viable Sea Tac parking. Taking a ride-share service can be unexpectedly expensive during peak hours, and taxis can eat away at your travel budget, as well; worse yet, both options may be risky in a variety of ways, including missing your plane because of a driver who arrives late.

SeaTac Airport Parking Rates

Many travelers assume that parking at the airport is the way to go. Unfortunately, as of April 2019, you will pay about 3 to 4 times as much in daily rates at the airport as you would for daily parking rates at Aeroparking! Unless you pay for a full month on a regular basis, the long-term rates aren’t much better. Current long-term airport parking rates (up to 7 days) are over twice what you would pay for the present daily rates at Aeroparking. You can pay on a monthly basis, but you must pay a recurring fee of hundreds of dollars to secure a lower rate – and it’s still more than what you would pay for a month of daily parking rates at Aeroparking. Woman Making Reservations Do you really want to spend that much of your travel budget just to park your car? The good news is that you don’t have to pay an astronomical amount for parking during your next trip. Aeroparking’s current rates are among the most competitive in SeaTac, and you don’t need to compromise in other areas in order to take advantage of our low prices.

Better Offsite Sea Tac Parking

In many areas of life, you get what you pay for and no more than that. However, Aeroparking offers affordable pricing for quality services. Other offsite airport parking facilities might offer low rates, but they may not provide the amenities that we do. When you leave your vehicle on our lot, you can be sure of getting a superior experience overall. You may start by signing up for our Perks club and saving money before your next trip begins. Log on to our convenient online site to book a reservation, then bring your Perks card to redeem rewards later. Our facility is lighted well for optimal security and functionality. Your car will be parked on a lot that provides 24/7 surveillance. Once you park your vehicle, you can take a complementary shuttle to the airport. The shuttle back to Aeroparking is also free upon your return. Now that you know the possibilities in Sea Tac parking, the choice should be obvious. With access to parking rates so low, isn’t it time to start planning your next trip out of SeaTac?

4 Reasons Off-Site SeaTac Parking Beats Airport Parking Every Time

Aeroparking Sea-Tac airport offsite, secure parking lotIf you think parking at the airport is the most convenient option, you simply haven’t tried offsite parking. This alternative offers travelers several key benefits. In fact, numerous SeaTac flyers have grown to depend on the fact that Aeroparking provides the best parking solution by far. Consider the following reasons to choose our facility instead of spending extra dollars on parking when you’re out of town.

1. Offsite SeaTac Airport Parking Is Cost Effective

To many people, the top reason to park offsite at Aeroparking is the savings on rates. The difference in pricing is astonishing. The current daily parking rates at the airport are more than four times what you will pay for our daily web rates! Even the weekly rates for the airport parking facility amount to nearly three times our web rates. The airport’s current coupon for March still leaves you paying about twice what you would in a week at Aeroparking when you book a spot here in advance. The daily airport special for March is more than twice our web special rates.

2. Excellent Security at Aeroparking

Why would you ever want to pay two to four times more for parking? You might think that airport parking is the safest option. However, our offsite facility provides round-the-clock security. The lot is well lit, so you need not worry about feeling unsafe as you transition from your parking spot to the airport shuttle. Our lot is also paved, which eliminates any issues with walking unsteadily on mud or gravel. We consider your safety a top priority, and we also take great measures to ensure the security of your vehicle when you leave it here.

3. Free Shuttle Service

Unlike many other shuttle services, our shuttle to and from the airport is completely free when you park on our lot. Our red buses are available consistently, 24 hours per day, seven days per week. The shuttles run every 15 minutes, so you never have to worry about missing your plane. During peak hours, we also provide a third shuttle to ensure quick, convenient service. When you pull into our lot, simply consult the attendant about the arrival of the next bus. When you return to SeaTac Airport after your trip, you can make a quick call to request the time of the next shuttle back to the parking lot.

4. Additional Savings and Rewards

We want to help you save as much as possible when you are parking near SeaTac Airport. If you become a member of our Perks Club, which costs nothing for your participation, you always save $1 daily off of our posted parking rates. You also earn points for each day that you park with us. Once you have accumulated seven days’ worth of points, you are eligible to receive a free day of parking. You may use those points during your next stay, or you may allow them to continue accumulating until you wish to use them. Once you know about Aeroparking, the choice of where to park at SeaTac Airport should be clear. Unless you want to spend your traveling dollars paying far more to park at the airport, offsite parking is the most logical option. We are located just minutes from SeaTac Airport, and we will always treat you like the valued customer you are.

What’s New in Airline Travel? SeaTac Flyers Want to Know

Aeroparking SignageChange is inevitable, and airports and airline companies continually make changes to meet the needs of modern flyers. If you know what to expect for the year ahead in airline travel, you will be better able to prepare for any trips you are planning. From premium economy flights, to an increase in budget options, to self-service and robotics for virtually everything, the future seems bright for SeaTac air travelers.

Flying Economy Class in Style

Those who choose economy class may be surprised at the changes implemented by some of the airlines. The differences between the standard economy model and the newer, premium choices are notable. Features such as more legroom, more spacious seating, and leg supports can have a major impact on your overall flying experience. Other perks might include priority check-ins, meal upgrades, and more generous baggage allowances. These benefits may be more affordable than you might suspect, so it could be worth looking into the next time you fly.

Less Is More

While some airlines are focusing on enhancing their economy seating, others are paring down their business class amenities in favor of lower fares. The tradeoff for enjoying more affordable pricing may be doing without perks such as chauffeur services, wider seats, and upgrades for frequent flyers. If you’re planning a quick trip to a destination that isn’t far from home, fewer frills could be worth the savings. Although business class amenities seem to be dwindling, travelers flying on a budget may have more options than ever. Some airlines have launched seating class choices to appeal to those who wish to save as much as possible when they fly. Sometimes referred to as “Basic Economy,” this type of seating is likely to come with the fewest amenities of all. To many passengers, minimal baggage allowances and automated seating are a small price to pay for a lower ticket price.

Automated Services

Automation has taken over the airline industry in many capacities, and numerous travelers find this reality to be very convenient. People no longer need to wait for another human being to assist them with tasks such as printing boarding passes or checking in for their flights. Now, the latest trend is robotics. In the near future, passengers might reasonably expect robots to help them check in, guide them to various areas of an airport, and provide assistance with baggage collection.

Embracing the Changes for 2018

Whether you are an avid traveler or an occasional flyer, the newest trends in airline travel may affect your next travel experience. Now that you have some idea of what you might expect, you can take advantage of some of the inevitable changes. While change is often something to embrace, there is no need to modify anything that isn’t broken. Aeroparking offers an airport parking model that works beautifully for countless SeaTac Airport travelers. We always strive to provide the best service, the most competitive rates, and the highest level of convenience possible. The next time you fly out of SeaTac, remember to book a reservation for a space at our offsite airport parking facility.

Offsite SeaTac Airport Parking Dos and Don’ts

If you want to get the most from your vacation, you can start before you even leave SeaTac. By parking your vehicle at a reliable facility, you will spare yourself from worrying about your car when you’re out of town. You won’t need to pay an exorbitant price like you would at other facilities, and your car will be safe. Here are a few dos and don’ts to remember when you park at the best offsite SeaTac parking facility available (Aeroparking, of course!).

Do Book a Reservation Online

You can book your Aeroparking reservation online. This could save you time otherwise spent searching for a parking space. The online form is secure, and all major credit cards are accepted.

Don’t Pay for a Cab or a Shuttle

You don’t need to pay for a ride from the Aeroparking lot to SeaTac Airport. Our red shuttle bus will take you from the lot to the Airport for free. When you return to SeaTac, you can catch another free shuttle back to the Aeroparking facility.

Don’t Pay High Parking Fees

Airport parking fees can be expensive, and SeaTac Airport’s parking rates have experienced an increase in 2017. The rates to park at Aeroparking are significantly lower than airport parking prices. In fact, the cost of parking for a day at the airport may be up to four times more than at Aeroparking.

Do Join the Perks Club

When you join the Perks Club, you will save even more money. You will automatically receive one dollar off of the posted rates. You may also accrue points when you park. You get five points for every day you park. When you have accumulated at least 35 points, you can redeem them for a free day of parking. You may either continue to let your points accumulate in order to use your free days succession, or request each free day as you earn it. Either way, you can save a considerable sum of money over time.

Do Accept Valet Service When It’s Offered

In some cases, valet service may be available at Aeroparking. This happens when the lot is filled; instead of waiting for a spot to open up (which could cause you to miss your flight), you can simply hand over your key and vehicle to a valet. The Aeroparking valet will park your car as soon as a spot becomes available. You can catch the shuttle to the airport without waiting for that to happen, and you may rest assured that your vehicle is in good hands. You can always be sure that Aeroparking is the best parking option in SeaTac. Our facility is clean, well-lighted, secure, and affordable. We appreciate our customers, and we want you to be happy with your offsite SeaTac Airport parking experience. When you leave your car at Aeroparking, you are free to enjoy your trip – and you won’t need to give your vehicle a second thought while you’re gone.

Aeroparking Members: Get the Best Offsite Parking Accommodations in SeaTac

Your travel budget shouldn’t be consumed by parking fees. When you’re flying from SeaTac Airport, you probably don’t want to spend a large portion of your available funds simply to park your car in a safe place. That is why the airport parking facility is not a viable option for many SeaTac flyers. In fact, the parking rates at the airport are scheduled for an increase in April 2017, which means you’ll pay more to park there than ever. Before you abandon the thought of treating yourself to a trip out of town, you should know that affordable airport parking exists in SeaTac! Aeroparking is the best offsite SeaTac Airport parking facility available. The daily and weekly rates at Aeroparking are two to four times less than the fees to park at the airport, and Aeroparking is only a few miles away from SeaTac Airport.

You Are a Valued Customer

At Aeroparking, we do not believe that you should spend a major portion of your travel budget on parking. That’s why we offer highly competitive rates to SeaTac passengers – and the Aeroclub perks for members are especially inviting. Here is the low-down on maximizing your parking dollars while you’re out of town.

Automatic Discount

When you’re a member of the Aeroparking rewards club, you will automatically enjoy a discount of $1 off the posted rates – and that discount is extended on a daily basis. That’s an automatic savings of $7 for a week just for being a registered member, and membership is free.

Points Add Up to More Savings

Once you get a rewards card from the cashier’s booth, just register for the Aeroclub online. After you’ve registered, you may begin to get points simply for parking as you normally would. Be sure to book a reservation online via the member area or scan your card when you enter the lot, so you can receive the points that you’ve earned. Every day that you pay to park at Aeroparking, you will earn five points. When you reach 35 points, you may park for an entire day on the lot for free! You can use your points as soon as you have earned a free day. Another option is to continue earning points, in order to accumulate multiple free days.

Reserve Parking in Advance

Another benefit of Aeroparking rewards club membership is that you may schedule your parking days in advance of your trip. There is no need to worry about whether a parking space will be available for you. When you have a flight to catch, you want to be sure that you can just park your car and go. As an Aeroclub member, you can log in to the website, reserve your space, and avoid the extra stress of searching frantically for a spot at the airport.

Yet Another Way to Save

Aeroparking is also proud to offer free shuttle service to our customers. You won’t need to spend additional time and money on transportation from our offsite parking lot to SeaTac Airport. When you arrive at the airport after your trip, you’ll also enjoy a free ride back to our parking facility. Don’t let high airport parking fees get you down – Aeroparking offers a parking solution you’ll appreciate. Our offsite SeaTac Airport parking facility is secure, our staff members are friendly, and our rates are affordable. Best of all: Once you sign up for a free rewards club membership, you can save even more money just for leaving your car at Aeroparking.

Travel Apps to Help You Maximize Your Trips Out of SeaTac Airport

phone appsUsing apps to make life easier seems to extend across all areas of modern living – including traveling. Many travel apps are even free of charge – so you can download them to your smartphone or other device without investing money in something you haven’t yet tried. From finding great deals on flights, to checking out the restaurants at your intended destination, to understanding the native language(s) during your stay, you might explore a wide range of apps designed to make traveling easier and more enjoyable.

Getting Deals on Flights

Many people feel that one of the best apps for finding excellent deals on flights is Kayak. You can search hundreds of flights via the Kayak app. By utilizing this handy tool, you could save quite a bit of money on your next flight out of SeaTac.

Finding Great Hotel Deals

Finding great hotel deals is often a top priority for many travelers. The Jetsetter app may lead you to the hotel you have been dreaming about – but at a fraction of the cost you thought you might absorb. You may even book a reservation via the app, which will reduce your preparation time a little more.

Car Rental Apps

If you prefer to rent a car when you arrive at your travel destination, remember to use a car rental app to make the process easier and more efficient. The Rentalcars app is one that may appeal to you – you can search locations around the world for car rentals. This app even provides a tool for managing all of your bookings in one place, which could prevent confusion if you forget where you booked a rental at one or more of your destinations.

Apps for Foodies

Whether you’re a dedicated foodie or just someone who wants to enjoy dining out when you travel, you’ll discover plenty of apps for people who love to travel and eat well. The Foodspotting app could assist you in locating the kinds of foods and beverages you seek across the world. You may also upload photos of dishes you’ve tried (to share them with other travelers).

Translation Apps

You’re more likely to get the most from a trip if you can understand what is being said to you. You may not be able to translate entire conversations without some work – but you can still gain a solid understanding of what others are trying to express to you when you’re in a foreign land. The Google Translate app could prove to be an invaluable tool during your trips away from SeaTac. You may translate up to 103 languages, and you can even utilize your camera to translate text in up to 29 languages. Your next business trip or vacation out of SeaTac should be as fun and hassle-free as possible. By using a variety of apps, you can make travel arrangements with ease. Be sure to get online and reserve a space at the Aeroparking lot; this is an easy way to be sure that you may park your car at a safe, convenient, and affordable SeaTac offsite parking facility.    

Tips for Disabled Travelers Flying Out of SeaTac

airline interiorWhen you have a disability, traveling may present certain obstacles – but that shouldn’t stop you from fully enjoying your trip out of SeaTac. Once you become aware of the options available to disabled travelers, you can get the most from your travel experiences. Remember to leave your vehicle at the Aeroparking lot, so you may enjoy peace of mind during your trip out of town.

Calling Ahead Is Wise

One of the first steps you’ll need to take is to call various businesses and facilities before your trip. Parking at the Aeroparking off-site SeaTac parking facility is easy and affordable, for example – but you might want to call before you arrive so that you’ll know when the wheelchair-accessible shuttle bus is scheduled to be there (if that applies to your circumstances). The staff may recommend that you arrive a bit early to be sure that you don’t miss your flight.

Traveling Out of SeaTac Airport

In order to alert the airline you’re flying with of any special needs you may have, make sure that you call at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled flight. If you prefer to rent a wheelchair, you may be able to find one at an airport store. Some airline companies also provide passengers with wheelchairs free of charge.

Speak to Your Doctor

Remember to talk to your doctor when you’re planning your trip. Your physician may be able to help you troubleshoot issues such as extended flights or travel, getting the medications you need before you go, and whether a particular trip you’re planning is a good fit for you. Your doctor may even be able to recommend a health care facility located at your chosen destination.

Explore Local Transportation

You might also explore the local transportation options where you’re going. If you plan to use public transportation, don’t hesitate to call the applicable companies to be certain that they can accommodate you. If one company cannot meet your needs, that doesn’t mean that plenty of others won’t be available to do just that.

Pack According to Your Circumstances

Don’t forget to pack everything you’ll need during your trip away from home. If you’re traveling with your own wheelchair, you may want to purchase a travel charger for the trip. Bring extra medication in case you miscount or misplace some during your travels. If you pack your medications along with your mobility equipment, you may not be charged a fee for that unit of luggage.

Making Hotel Reservations

It’s never a bad idea to ask a few questions before you make hotel reservations. If you rely on a wheelchair to get around, then the hotel you stay at should be wheelchair-accessible. You might ask for a room with a shower chair or bench, as well. If you are traveling with a service dog, remember to alert the hotel staff to that fact. Travelers with disabilities have a wealth of options worth considering. No matter where you choose to go, you will probably need to make arrangements that reflect your particular disability. The world awaits you, and your next trip should offer the amazing experience that you deserve!

Need to Cut Business and Travel Expenses? Use Offsite Parking at SeaTac

Business TravelerIf you’re trying to cut travel expenses for your small business, you might do so in a variety of ways. From staying at inexpensive hotels to parking offsite at SeaTac Airport, you can travel without depleting your expense budget. Once you begin to explore all the ways to travel on the cheap, you may be amazed at how much money you can actually save for your business.

Getting Great Deals on Hotels

One of the top strategies for minimizing travel costs is to find the best deals on hotel rooms. Hotels can be relatively expensive – especially when you travel a lot – but that doesn’t mean that you won’t find some impressive deals if you know where to look. If you belong to a roadside assistance group or other travel-related organization, you may be able to secure discounts regularly.

Stay “In the Loop”

If you want to be consistently alerted to excellent deals on hotels and airfare, you might sign up to receive newsletters from various companies (such as airlines, hotels, and travel agencies). Doing this will help you to stay aware of some great perks and discounts – so when you’re ready to schedule your next business trip, you might take advantage of those discounts. As long it’s convenient in regard to your plans, you could even schedule certain trips around the discounts being offered.

Try a Travel Agency

In many cases, working with a travel agent could be the best plan. A professional may be able to coordinate your arrangements in the most efficient way possible. Travel agents generally have industry information on the most current deals, so you could save a significant sum of money by hiring an agent to plan the major details of your next business trip. You may even want to consider someone from a corporate travel agency if your business requires multiple trips per year.

Use a Travel App

Another way to get the most out of your travel expense budget is to use a travel app. You might use this type of app to book accommodations, plan your itinerary, and make last-minute changes as needed. This option could serve as a replacement for a travel agency if your travel budget is particularly tight. It will also streamline the entire process of keeping track of expenses as you go.

Park Affordably

Your efforts to minimize costs could be outweighed by an expensive airport parking lot – so be sure to find a better alternative. Countless people who fly from SeaTac prefer the benefits of offsite parking. The Aeroparking facility is always affordable, and it offers an assortment of additional advantages (like superior customer service and a clean, safe parking lot). Traveling for many business people is inevitable, but it doesn’t need to cost your company more than it can afford. Whether you work for a large corporation or own a small business, you may find numerous ways to keep travel costs to a minimum. By getting the best rates on hotels, airfare, and parking, you can dedicate the money you save to other areas.