Surviving Your Family Holiday Visit From SeaTac: Tips You’ll Be thankful for This November

ThanksgivingTraveling during the Thanksgiving holiday can be a lot of fun – if you know how to do it right. Learn how to survive the hustle and bustle at SeaTac Airport – so you can enjoy your visit with family.

What to Do First

Your first tip? Leave your car at an affordable lot (like Aeroparking); the many perks will make you grateful that you did. You don’t need to worry about your vehicle being secure or paying a lot of money for a parking facility. If you book your reservation online and in advance, you can save even more money via an Aeroparking web special. Another benefit of leaving your car at the offsite SeaTac lot is that it won’t be vulnerable at your place of residence. Many thieves look for unattended homes and cars around big holiday times like Thanksgiving. To prevent that from happening, you might set a light timer in various rooms of your home to make it look occupied, and bring your car to the Aeroparking lot for safekeeping.

Avoid Peak Travel Days

The day before Thanksgiving is one of the busiest of the year, so try to plan your trip accordingly. If you can arrange to take Tuesday and Wednesday off, schedule your flight on Tuesday instead. Another option is to fly on Thanksgiving Day – this is an especially solid choice if your relatives are not too far from SeaTac. An early morning flight could get you to your destination in time to unpack, relax, and enjoy the family dinner.

Pack Wisely

Remember to pack items that will keep everyone happy when you’re in flight. If you’re traveling with little ones, don’t forget to pack a few of their favorite snacks and toys in your carry-on bag. Make sure to bring a device to listen to some calming music or catch up on your reading while you’re on the plane.

Get to the Airport Early

Holidays like Thanksgiving mean long lines at the airport, so don’t risk missing your plane. Always get to the airport at least two hours before your flight when you fly during a holiday. Spending two hours at the airport is far less irritating than waiting around for half a day – or longer! – to catch another flight because you missed yours the first time.

Dress Appropriately

Be prepared for a long wait on the plane or at the airport – and dress for such circumstances. Even in the coldest of climates, wearing a bulky sweater could make you feel uncomfortable and too hot when you’re indoors. Instead, opt for a lighter sweater and bring a warm jacket in case you need it. Additionally, avoid wearing much metal jewelry or other metal accessories – you’ll need to spend extra time removing them when you go through the security check. Traveling to see your family can be a wonderful experience. When you employ a few basic travel strategies, you may get the most from your trip. Always park your car somewhere safe and affordable before you go – like the Aeroparking lot, which is only a few minutes away from SeaTac Airport.

Planning Your Dream Vacation Out of SeaTac

Vacation TimeIf you have been dreaming of an incredible vacation, you may be eager to get started on the planning. While this process may seem overwhelming, it can also be a lot of fun. Whether or not you can afford to take the ultimate dream trip you’ve been dreaming of, you can certainly have a fabulous time in an amazing place. You may appreciate a few tips and tricks from seasoned travelers who know how to travel in style.

Start Saving Money

Unless you are independently wealthy, you’ll probably need to save enough money to take the trip of your dreams. A great way to save money painlessly is to cut out the little expenses that add up quickly. Buying a daily cappuccino, eating out for most of your meals, and making impulse purchases can amount to less available cash for your vacation. Try bringing coffee and lunch from home when you’re at work, and limit your dinners out to once per week. Keep track of all those expenses that seem small, and decide which ones you’re willing to sacrifice in order to go on the vacation you want.

Select Your Destination

You’ll need to decide where you want to go before you can plan much else. Start by taking your circumstances under consideration. If you’re going to be traveling with little ones, you might choose a theme park in a highly appealing part of the world (such as a Disney park in Paris or Orlando). Once you’ve taken your children to see all of the attractions and go on their favorite rides, you could take advantage of the on-site childcare facility if one is available – and explore the immediate geographical area for several hours without the kids. If you’re not traveling with children, others details worth considering include your overall budget, the amount of time you’ll have available, and the destinations that attract you the most. You might long to visit an exotic country halfway across the world – but your budget may not allow for it. Instead, you might consider some of the breathtaking places that are not far away from where you live – you’ll still have a memorable time, but you’ll be able to pay your rent or mortgage payment when you return.

Consider Traveling During an “Off” Time

A little flexibility regarding the dates of your trip could yield some significant savings for you. This may amount to more freedom in terms of selecting a destination. The cost of taking a trip to the Caribbean in October could be significantly less than if you went in the middle of summer or during the December holiday season. Another benefit of traveling off-season is that you probably won’t be forced to share your vacation with the large crowds of people who travel during the busy season. Planning your dream vacation may be a rewarding experience, especially if you know how to strategize properly. By cutting down on everyday expenses, you can save enough money to take the trip you desire. You’ll also save money by parking offsite at SeaTac Airport instead of somewhere expensive – the rates at the Aeroparking lot are astonishingly low. Once you’re ready to plan your vacation, be sure to choose your destination wisely. Try to go off-season when you can. By following these few easy tips, you can indulge in the vacation of your dreams – you deserve it!

Need to Cut Business and Travel Expenses? Use Offsite Parking at SeaTac

Business TravelerIf you’re trying to cut travel expenses for your small business, you might do so in a variety of ways. From staying at inexpensive hotels to parking offsite at SeaTac Airport, you can travel without depleting your expense budget. Once you begin to explore all the ways to travel on the cheap, you may be amazed at how much money you can actually save for your business.

Getting Great Deals on Hotels

One of the top strategies for minimizing travel costs is to find the best deals on hotel rooms. Hotels can be relatively expensive – especially when you travel a lot – but that doesn’t mean that you won’t find some impressive deals if you know where to look. If you belong to a roadside assistance group or other travel-related organization, you may be able to secure discounts regularly.

Stay “In the Loop”

If you want to be consistently alerted to excellent deals on hotels and airfare, you might sign up to receive newsletters from various companies (such as airlines, hotels, and travel agencies). Doing this will help you to stay aware of some great perks and discounts – so when you’re ready to schedule your next business trip, you might take advantage of those discounts. As long it’s convenient in regard to your plans, you could even schedule certain trips around the discounts being offered.

Try a Travel Agency

In many cases, working with a travel agent could be the best plan. A professional may be able to coordinate your arrangements in the most efficient way possible. Travel agents generally have industry information on the most current deals, so you could save a significant sum of money by hiring an agent to plan the major details of your next business trip. You may even want to consider someone from a corporate travel agency if your business requires multiple trips per year.

Use a Travel App

Another way to get the most out of your travel expense budget is to use a travel app. You might use this type of app to book accommodations, plan your itinerary, and make last-minute changes as needed. This option could serve as a replacement for a travel agency if your travel budget is particularly tight. It will also streamline the entire process of keeping track of expenses as you go.

Park Affordably

Your efforts to minimize costs could be outweighed by an expensive airport parking lot – so be sure to find a better alternative. Countless people who fly from SeaTac prefer the benefits of offsite parking. The Aeroparking facility is always affordable, and it offers an assortment of additional advantages (like superior customer service and a clean, safe parking lot). Traveling for many business people is inevitable, but it doesn’t need to cost your company more than it can afford. Whether you work for a large corporation or own a small business, you may find numerous ways to keep travel costs to a minimum. By getting the best rates on hotels, airfare, and parking, you can dedicate the money you save to other areas.

Ride-Share or Park Your Car: What You Should Know When You Fly Out of SeaTac

Delta AirlinesNearly everyone has heard of Uber and Lyft at this point, but how safe is ride-sharing, really? Negative stories about such companies seem to be more common than ever in the news. The minimal savings that people might enjoy by catching a ride via such a company – instead of paying for an expensive cab ride to the airport – may be minimal at best (especially during the peak hours and days when ride-share costs could potentially be higher than normal). When you compound that with the fact that you’re taking a risk by driving with someone who isn’t subject to the same kinds of regulations that a cab driver is, neither option may sound very appealing. This is all yet another reason that so many SeaTac airport customers have chosen a different strategy for getting to the airport: Driving their own vehicles and parking them at the Aeroparking lot. Offsite SeaTac parking could be the safest choice for SeaTac flyers. The lot is always under security surveillance, and you won’t need to worry that the person giving you a ride may be driven by questionable ethics or worse.

News Items Worth Considering

While the majority of ride-share drivers may well be safe to ride with, a few recent news stories are alarming enough to raise major concerns among consumers. A recent Yahoo Business Insider article points out that a convicted murderer on parole after 26 years was able to pass through Uber’s background check process undetected. A complaint filed by the District Attorney’s office in San Francisco alleged that at least 25 others convicted of heinous crimes were also able to drive for the company in Los Angeles and San Francisco. That is a scary prospect, and it is a fact that has prompted many individuals to skip the ride-sharing and take themselves to the airport instead. Other companies like Uber – such as Lyft and Sidecar – have managed to bypass the stricter regulations that taxi drivers and companies must follow. Those regulations are in place for many reasons, and one of them is the safety and well-being of customers. Simply relying on the arbitrary judgment of ride-share company executives doesn’t seem to be working in terms of identifying people who could easily put customers at risk.

The Safe Alternative to Ride-Sharing to the Airport

Once you realize the details that are at play behind the scenes, catching a ride to the airport via a ride-share service may no longer seem like such a great plan. Taking a taxi is expensive; in fact, you might pay less to park your car offsite at SeaTac than you would for the cab rides to and from the airport. Aeroparking offers daily rates that may surprise you. The lot is under security 24 hours per day and seven days per week. You can park your vehicle safely and know it will be secure until you return. This provides you with something invaluable when you travel: Peace of mind.

Forget About Your Car While You’re Away – It’s Safe at SeaTac

People shaking each other hands while holding keysWhen you leave town, you should be able to park your car without fearing for its security. However, leaving it at home can be a clear sign that your residence is not currently inhabited. This can lead to vandalism, car theft, and even home invasion. In order to free yourself from the burden of worrying about your vehicle when you’re away, you might consider off-site SeaTac parking. This option is inexpensive – and more importantly, it will give you the freedom to enjoy your next vacation or business trip. The following are some of the main reasons that happy customers choose Aeroparking instead of leaving their vehicles at home.

Parking at Home Not the Best Option

You may think that leaving your car parked at home when you’re gone is the best choice, but this may not actually be the case. In fact, your car may be most vulnerable if you leave it parked in front of your place of residence unattended. This is especially true at times when many people are expected to be traveling (such as during any holiday period). When they watch certain neighborhoods, thieves look for vehicles that have not moved in several days. This can be a good indication that a home is temporarily vacant. A thief may consequently choose your home to invade if your car has been parked in front of it for a few days without being driven.

Older Vehicles Are No Safer Than Newer Ones

Your car may could be vandalized or stolen if left unattended for longer than a day or two. This can be an even greater problem during the holiday season and any other time when many people typically take vacations. Your neighbors might generally watch the area for suspicious activity, but they can’t do so if they are gone, as well. An alarming point to note is that although you may believe that an older car won’t be stolen, this is not necessarily true. Older cars may actually be targeted more often than newer ones. This is largely due to the fact that countless new vehicles are now accompanied by transponder keys, making them more difficult to steal. Older vehicles are easier to break into, and that makes them even more appealing to car thieves than the newer models.

What Is the Solution?

The safest alternative to leaving your car at home is to choose the Park & Fly option. Leaving your car at the Aeroparking lot at SeaTac will give you the peace of mind that you cannot get when your vehicle is parked in your driveway or on the street. When you park your car at the Aeroparking facility, you can be sure that it has been left in capable hands. The lot has 24/7 security, so you can enjoy your trip. The major advantage of Park & Fly is that it does not give thieves and vandals a reason to consider your car (or your home!) available to them. The next time you fly out of SeaTac, allow yourself to forget about your vehicle – and think about your trip instead.

Aeroparking Customer Service – How It Benefits SeaTac Travelers

Man giving keys to another manYou probably know already how important good customer service is to you. Have you ever dined at a restaurant that serves excellent food, has a lively clientele, and offers a memorable setting – only to discover that the customer service is subpar? You might even give such a place a second chance, but if the customer service is poor the second time, you will likely look for a different restaurant the next time you want to dine away from home. Aeroparking knows that customer service is one of the top factors related to customer retention. In fact, we count on it! We are aware that in addition to all of the other advantages we offer our customers, the one that may matter the most to many of you is our superior service. If we provide you with a clean, well-lit facility and offer highly competitive prices, you still might go elsewhere if our customer service is not good. We’re not willing to let that happen – so you can be sure that you will get great customer service every time you park with us.

Aeroparking Customers Are Our Top Priority

In the same way that good customer service is a top concern for most customers, our customers are the top priority for Aeroparking. We’re dedicated to giving you a parking experience that compels you to return every time you fly out of SeaTac. We provide you with as many benefits as possible, from low prices to a secure lot to free rides on our shuttle buses.

Getting the Shuttle

When you park at our facility, you can ride on one of our convenient shuttle buses for free. The buses are an instantly recognizable shade of red, so they’re always easy to spot. You’ll find an Aeroparking bus easily, whether you’re leaving our lot to get to SeaTac or leaving the SeaTac lot to go back to Aeroparking after your trip. You won’t even need to worry about finding a place to stow your luggage – our friendly and helpful staff members will assist you, so you’ll be free to find a seat on the bus.

Secured Parking

Another aspect of our great customer service that you can appreciate is our commitment to keeping your vehicle safe and secured when it’s on our lot. The facility is attended every day of the week – 24 hours per day. You won’t need to feel anxiety about your car when you leave it with us.

Valet Service During High Traffic Times

We know that most of the time, our customers prefer to Park & Fly – you can simply drive onto the lot, find your space, and leave your car locked and secured. However, during the time periods when traffic on the lot is the highest, we will provide you with valet service. This will ensure that you are free to get on the shuttle and make it to SeaTac Airport in time for your flight. As you can see, we are wholly committed to giving you the best customer service possible. Customer retention is the lifeblood of our business, so it is in our best interest to keep you happy. When you leave your car at the Aeroparking lot, you will enjoy low prices, a secured lot, and – most importantly – customer service that will inspire you to park with us on every trip out of SeaTac.

Where to Leave Your Car at SeaTac Airport? The Benefits of Off-site Parking

parking lotYou know that parking your car in a safe, reliable place when you fly is important, but did you know that parking a few minutes away from the airport could actually save you money? If you’ve ever left your vehicle in an airport parking lot for an extended stay, you may have been shocked at how much the final bill was. In some cases, the cost of long-term parking at the airport can add up to more than the cost of your plane fare. Many travelers have found that off-site parking near the airport is a far more cost-effective strategy, especially when they plan to be gone for longer than a day or two.

Comparison of Current Rates

While rates may change occasionally to reflect factors such as inflation, taking a look at current rates is a great way to compare airport parking versus off-site parking near the airport. Depending on which parking option you choose, the current cost of parking at SeaTac Airport ranges from about $28 to $35 per day. That’s a pretty hefty price for one day, and using the lot for longer than that could literally cost you more than your airfare in some cases. When you look at the cost of parking at an off-site facility near the airport, such as Aeroparking, you will see that the daily rates are far lower than the daily rates at the airport. Even the airport’s weekly rates are over twice the amount of what it would cost to pay the daily rates for a week at the Aeroparking facility. When you consider the overwhelming disparity in price between the two facilities, it may be difficult to imagine why anyone would opt to park at SeaTac Airport instead of the Aeroparking facility. In most cases, people probably make this choice because they are not aware of the better, more cost-effective option. Now that you know, you may want to start thinking about all of the ways you can spend the money you’ll save when you leave your vehicle with Aeroparking.

Additional Benefits

Saving a significant sum of money is not the only benefit of leaving your car with Aeroparking. The facility is known for its superior customer service; when you take the free shuttle that operates around the clock, our drivers are happy to load your luggage while you select a seat. Our shuttle service runs every 15 minutes, so you never need to worry about missing your flight. Additionally, our parking facility is equipped with an array of security features, including fences, proper lighting, and 24-hour on-site security. If you prefer to save money while still enjoying great service, then you may want to reconsider the option of parking at the airport when you fly out of SeaTac. Aeroparking offers off-site parking that is close to the airport, and the money you’ll save when you park at our facility may astound you. Whether your trip is for a day or a week, why should you pay so much more to park your car at the airport while you’re gone? With the money you save at Aeroparking, you could treat yourself to another trip sometime soon!

Self-Park and Lock: The Convenience of Self-Parking at SeaTac Airport

Person holding keysWhen you are rushing to make your flight, you need every spare moment you can get. In some cases, waiting for valet service could cause you to arrive later than you should at the airport. This is one of the many reasons that innumerable smart travelers prefer the self-park method at Aeroparking, which is just a few minutes away from SeaTac Airport. Instead of using an expensive car or limousine service, a parking facility with only valet service, or making arrangements for a cab, you can park and fly without absorbing unnecessary expense.

A Brief Look at the Other Choices

To get a clear sense of how beneficial the “self-park and lock” option is, it may be useful to explore the other choices that might be available. If you are a corporate traveler, your company may have arranged for a car service in the past. However, this is an expensive practice, and many companies today would rather find a better alternative – so they can still offer their executives other perks that they will probably appreciate more than a car service. Taking a taxi may seem like a logical choice – until you discover that the cost of one cab ride can be double what you would pay for a day or two of parking at Aeroparking’s SeaTac facility. Since you would then need a taxi upon your return, your total cost in cab fare could be equivalent to several days or a week of SeaTac off-site parking. Additionally, if your cab does not pick you up in a timely manner, you could miss your flight altogether. Another option that people sometimes assume will be convenient is to park directly at the airport. Although this may seem like a wise plan, you may find yourself at the airport with no place to park. Aeroparking enables you to make reservations before you arrive, so you never need to be concerned about finding a space. Airport parking is also much more expensive than leaving your vehicle at a secure, off-site facility like Aeroparking (which is near the airport and offers free shuttle service to and from SeaTac Airport).

Valet vs Self-Park and Lock

While valet service may seem like a luxury worth considering, this service isn’t always as convenient as you might think. Waiting for a valet could cause you to miss a flight, especially when valet service is your only choice. When you park your car yourself, all you need to do is park, lock the car, and board the free shuttle to the airport. In some cases, Aeroparking may rely on temporary valet service to accommodate customers quickly. This is typically done when the spaces have filled; by enabling valets to organize the overflow, the facility relieves you of the burden of finding a space. Parking at an off-site SeaTac Airport facility has become a popular strategy among travelers. You can leave your vehicle in a parking lot with plenty of security, and you don’t need to give it another thought during your trip. With the money you save by parking at Aeroparking, you can spend more on your trip itself – like getting a room upgrade for your family or treating a client to dinner.

Peace of Mind: You Shouldn’t Need to Worry About Your Vehicle When You Travel Out of SeaTac Airport

video surveillance cameras against blue sky backgroundWhen you go on a business trip or vacation, you shouldn’t need to worry about whether your vehicle is secure. This is why so many people choose to leave their vehicles in secured parking lots. When you fly out of SeaTac, you can park your car in a secured lot that is only a few minutes away from the airport. This is a convenient way to be sure that your car is safe while avoiding the steep parking rates at the airport itself. Aeroparking enables SeaTac travelers to use a parking lot with a high level of security, along with a variety of other benefits that make the Park & Fly option the best choice.

Security Features That Make a Difference

If you’ve been searching for off-site airport parking near SeaTac, you will likely be impressed with the assorted security features at Aeroparking. The lot is attended by security guards 24 hours per day on a daily basis, and security surveillance is implemented, as well. The facility is also fenced and lighted for added security, so you won’t need to worry about your car when you’re on your trip. These features serve to deter would-be thieves and vandals. When a criminal makes a decision to steal or vandalize a vehicle, doing so in a remote parking garage or on a dark street makes far more sense than attempting to do it in a well-lighted lot with security guards on the premises.

Security That Extends to You

When you leave your car in a highly secured lot such as Aeroparking, you are not only making the best decision for your vehicle – you are ensuring your personal safety, as well as that of anyone who accompanies you to the airport. If you’re traveling alone on business, you won’t need to look over your shoulder when you choose to self-park your car. If you’re traveling with your family (or if any of your family members are flying out of SeaTac without you), you can be confident that your loved ones will not be vulnerable to predators. You might not enjoy the same sense of security in a dark, sprawling airport garage that you will get when you park in the Aeroparking lot.

Price Is Also a Major Factor

In addition to being a safer parking alternative to many other options, off-site SeaTac Airport parking offers another major advantage worth considering. Price is one of the top factors that lead countless consumers to choose this type of facility instead of parking at the airport. In fact, many corporate travel managers have discovered the benefits of using off-site airport parking. This has become a more viable strategy than hiring a private limousine or sedan service – and it’s also more affordable than parking at the airport. When you plan your next trip out of SeaTac, you may want to consider the benefits of parking at an off-site lot near the airport. Aeroparking enables you to park and fly with confidence, knowing that your vehicle is safe at a secured facility. You shouldn’t need to worry about your vehicle when you’re away, and you shouldn’t pay an exorbitant price for that peace of mind.

Airport Shuttle Instead of Cab: How to Ensure That You Make Your Flight from SeaTac

Line Of TaxisOnce you’ve made arrangements for a trip, the last thing you want to do is miss your flight! Have you ever arranged to have a taxi meet you, only to be kept waiting far longer than you expected? This can be a frustrating experience, especially when you must then pay for the “privilege” of missing or nearly missing your flight. Traveling comes with its own set of unique challenges, but you should never be forced to worry about missing your plane because your cab did not arrive at the appointed time. The best way to avoid this dilemma is to leave your vehicle with Aeroparking and take advantage of our convenient shuttle service.

The Cost of a Taxi

If you haven’t taken a taxi in a while and aren’t aware of how much a cab ride may actually cost, you may want to do some research before you make such an arrangement. Many taxi companies offer a fare calculator on their websites. You may also be able to call a cab company and get an estimate from a dispatcher. Once you realize how much cab rides can cost, the benefit of taking a shuttle instead should become obvious.

Aeroparking Shuttles Are Free

One of the top advantages of taking an Aeroparking shuttle is that the ride is free. This means that when you leave your car at the Aeroparking facility, you will enjoy a free shuttle ride to SeaTac and a free ride back to your car after your trip. A free shuttle ride beats an expensive cab ride any day!

slides_001You Can’t Miss Us

If you’ve ever tried to catch a shuttle from the airport, but you couldn’t distinguish the shuttle van from the other vehicles in the lot, you may have experienced the dismay of missing the next available ride. You may even have had to wait another half hour to an hour for the next shuttle as a result. When this happens, you must then decide whether to wait at the same spot with your luggage in the hope of locating the next shuttle when it arrives. The alternative is to haul your luggage back into the airport to wait for the next available ride (and subsequently hope that you are able to identify the shuttle when you return to the parking area). You will not be able to miss the sight of one of our shuttle buses – they are painted a bright, cheerful shade of red that makes them stand apart from any other vehicle in the SeaTac fleet. Once you leave the baggage claim area, simply call 888-955-PARK (7275) from your cellphone (or you can use a Courtesy Phone and dial 96). Follow the signs past baggage claim until you reach the Courtesy Vehicle Area. Look for one of our red buses at the #1 or #3 Island, and wave to one of our drivers. You can then find a seat on our shuttle, and one of our drivers will stow away your luggage safely for the ride. When you compare and contrast the benefits of taking an Aeroparking shuttle instead of a taxi to the airport, you can quickly see which option offers you more advantages. Our shuttles are free, comfortable, and conveniently easy to find – and they run every 15 minutes, 24 hours every day. Once you ride with us to and from SeaTac, you’ll wonder why you ever considered riding with anyone else.