Why People Prefer Us over Seatac Airport Parking and WallyPark SeaTac

Traveling anywhere comes with its share of expenses. If you opt for a road trip, you must cover the fuel – not to mention the auxiliary costs of wear and tear on your vehicle. You can rent a vehicle, of course, but a rental car may be more than the price of a round-trip flight! Aeroparking Flying offers a convenient and relatively affordable means of getting from one destination to another. When you are ready to catch a flight, you will require transportation to and from SeaTac Airport. Taxis are expensive, and ride share services can be unreliable and even dangerous. Numerous flyers have discovered that leaving their cars at an offsite facility is an optimal plan. If you park at the right lot, the rates are notably less expensive than at SeaTac Airport. Which one is the right parking lot? Aeroparking is, of course! We don’t expect you to take our word for it, however. Instead, take a look at what we provide, and you will understand why locals prefer Aeroparking over parking at the airport or using our offsite competitors (such as WallyPark SeaTac).

The Proof is in the Prices

Let’s start by comparing the consistently low daily rates at Aeroparking with those of other options. Our prices are some of the lowest you will find in SeaTac. The airport’s parking fees are far too high for countless SeaTac residents; in fact, their normal daily rates are more than triple what you would pay with Aeroparking’s online prices. How about WallyPark? Well, you would pay a few dollars more per day for their current posted regular daily rates, and those are the cheapest rates they offer; everything goes up from there. On many occasions, people make the switch to Aeroparking because other facilities allow unsafe circumstances to manifest. More than one Yelp reviewer has complained that another offsite lot fails to communicate when the facility is overbooked and full. This leaves their customers in the uncomfortable position of parking in unsafe areas of the facility, such as ramps. At Aeroparking, your reservation is important to us. In rare cases where the parking lot might be full, we provide valet service so that you are not forced to leave your vehicle somewhere that is unsafe for you and others.

We Care About You and Your Vehicle

At Aeroparking, we want to ensure that your vehicle is safe upon your return home. While other facilities park your vehicle on unpaved ground (which you might not know until it’s too late if you use their valet service), you can rest easy in the knowledge that our lot is paved. Our facility is also well lighted, fenced in, and staffed 24/7, so you do not need to feel unsafe because of a late-night flight.

Minimize Travel Stress at Aeroparking

When you weigh the pros and cons of using Aeroparking, airport parking, or WallyPark SeaTac and other offsite lots, it’s clear that Aeroparking is the best option. Our facility is located just minutes from SeaTac Airport, and our shuttle service is free. Our prices are consistently low, so you don’t need to secure special “deals” for the privilege of paying rates that are often still higher than ours. We’ve earned a solid reputation in SeaTac, and we look forward to surpassing your expectations!