Why It Pays to Be in the Club with Offsite SeaTac Airport Parking

While you may already be aware that Aeroparking is the best choice for offsite SeaTac Airport parking, do you know about our Perks club? Being a member of the Aeroclub offers a variety of benefits, so be sure to sign up soon. Read on to explore the advantages of being part of the club at Aeroparking.

Getting Started

Experienced Aeroclub members recommend registering for the program as soon as you receive a Perks card. Simply ask for a Perks card at the cashier’s desk when you are at our facility. Then, you can register online in a few simple steps. Once you have signed up, you may begin accruing points and enjoying the other rewards associated with membership. It really is that easy!

Why People Join

There really is no reason not to join the Aeroclub; and there are several reasons to become a member. Once you’re signed up, you can start saving immediately by receiving a $1 discount per day off of the rates we have posted. Using rewards points is another way to save money by using the Aeroparking lot. You will earn 5 points for every paid day at our facility. Every 7 paid days at Aeroparking yields enough points for a free day of parking with us. You may redeem your rewards points as soon as you have earned 35 points. Alternatively, you can allow your points to accrue until you have several free days to redeem at once.

A User-friendly Experience

We want to streamline your experience as much as possible. There is no need to save coupons. Just bring your Perks card when you use the facility, and redeem your accrued rewards before you leave the lot. If you book your reservation online, you will only need to reserve the number of days that are not covered by rewards points. Then, make sure to tell the cashier (before exiting the lot) that you wish to redeem your points for the remaining days of your trip. If you have questions about how this works, don’t hesitate to call us at 1-888-955-PARK (7275). In some cases, you may accumulate enough points to cover an entire stay – congratulations! When this happens, give us a call instead of reserving a spot online. We can then verify your points and book your reservation for you.

Software that Works for You

Another way that we make the rewards process easy is via our specialized software. When you park at our facility, you may quickly scan your card as you enter the lot. Our system will log your points for you, and you can verify them later online within 24 hours of checking out of the lot. In fact, you may log on to the site anytime you wish, making it convenient to check your total points and parking history.

Aeroclub Members: Now is the Time to Start Saving!

When you’re looking for offsite SeaTac Airport parking, using Aeroparking is a sure way to maximize your travel and transportation dollars. Become a member of our Perks club, and you’ll save even more money. Registration is easy, and it costs you nothing. Feel free to call us for more details, or fill out our online form to make a reservation.