The Short Term and Long Term Parking SeaTac Travelers Need

Whether you are flying out of SeaTac Airport for a brief business trip or an extended stay, finding an appropriate parking facility is of the utmost importance. You won’t want to spend one minute of your time away worrying about your vehicle. When you select the right place to park, you don’t need to worry – it’s that simple! There may be a variety of options in the area, but few compare with the affordability and security of Aeroparking. No matter what your travel plans might be, we provide the short term and long term parking SeaTac travelers prefer. fast car

Unbeatable Rates

Aeroparking consistently offers daily rates that beat out the competition. While some places, such as SeaTac Airport, offer high rates for short term parking and slightly better prices for long term parking, Aeroparking simplifies matters for everyone. Instead of locking you in by requiring a recurring monthly bill for long term parking, you can pay the same low rates that you would enjoy for short term parking. In fact, our daily rates are more than a third lower than the daily fees presently being charged at the airport.

Multifaceted Security Measures

If you’re going to leave your vehicle parked somewhere during your trip, the last detail that you should have to be concerned with is whether your car will be safe. This is why we do everything we can to ensure that your car is in good hands. We have installed an excellent lighting system, which immediately discourages theft and vandalism. Additionally, our facility is fenced in, and people can only be admitted through the front gate and onto the lot by a staff member. Finally, our facility always has a staff member onsite. Essentially, we provide our customers with three layers of protection from harm to their vehicles.

Free Parking Days

As if low parking rates and top-notch security weren’t enough, you can also earn free parking days at our offsite SeaTac Airport facility. Membership to our Aeroclub is easy and free of charge. All you need to do is ask for a Perks card the next time you’re on the premises. Then, register online (this should only take a few minutes). Once you have signed up to be part of the Perks club, you may begin accruing points as soon as your next visit. You get 5 points for every paid day at Aeroparking. Once you have accumulated 35 points, you are eligible to receive a free day of parking. If you park here often or long enough, you could find yourself with free parking during an entire business trip or family vacation in the future. In addition, Perks members are entitled to a dollar off of our posted rates.

Short Term and Long Term Parking SeaTac Residents Appreciate

You shouldn’t need to spend a significant portion of your travel budget simply to park your car. At Aeroparking, we post affordable daily rates and so much more. When you park your vehicle on our lot, you will have access to a secured, offsite SeaTac Airport parking facility, outstanding perks for rewards club members, and low prices every day for short term and long term trips. Feel free to contact us for more information, so you may begin experiencing all that we have to offer!