SeaTac Park and Fly: Ring in the New Year at One of These Unique Destinations

As you prepare for celebrating the New Year, you might envision doing so in another city, state, or even country. The good news is, countless destinations are just a plane ride away from SeaTac. Ringing in the New Year in a new place can set the tone for your entire year. Regardless of the location you choose, you will want to select the SeaTac park and fly facility that provides the most for your money – and Aeroparking is known for helping SeaTac Airport flyers to stretch their travel dollars. new years Here, you will find a few destinations that could make your New Year’s Eve the best one you’ve experienced thus far:

Bangkok, Thailand

This city is perpetually exciting, and it is the perfect choice for reveling on New Year’s Eve. You might party away the night at several rooftop bars. You could also attend a music festival as the countdown to the New Year gets closer by the minute. No matter which venue and celebration appeals to you, the promise of adventure is ever present in Bangkok.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney is another city worth considering as your New Year’s destination. The fireworks display over Sydney Harbour is unforgettable. If you prefer to find an alternative venue, you will not lack for options. You can attend a music festival and dance the night away: NYE in the Park, in Victoria Park, is one of the hottest venues around the world for New Year’s Eve.

New York City

It’s hard for most Americans to think of New Year’s Eve without considering the holiday’s events that take place in New York City. The Ball Drop in Times Square is an iconic image for Americans, so why not travel to New York this year and experience it for yourself? If you don’t want to stand amid the masses during the Ball Drop event, you can find a nearby rooftop bar to enjoy the view. Just be sure to book your flight and hotel accommodations as early as possible, and you will want to secure your parking spot at Aeroparking as soon as you know your departure and return dates.

SeaTac Park and Fly at Aeroparking

You certainly have a virtually endless assortment of destinations to choose for your New Year’s Eve revelry. You will not want to spend a single minute of your celebration worrying about your vehicle. This is why Aeroparking makes parking your car a no-brainer during any holiday season, including the New Year. You can park your car on a lot that won’t leave you feeling afraid for your safety, and our facility provides various security measures so that your car is safe from the threats of theft and vandalism. You may use our free shuttle buses to travel to and from SeaTac Airport, sparing you the expense and uncertainty of an Uber or taxi ride. Our prices are about as low as you will find in the area, and we offer a variety of perks at our offsite SeaTac Airport location, as well. Aeroparking’s SeaTac park and fly lot was designed with you in mind, so book a space with us before you fly out of town for the New Year!