SeaTac and Seattle Airport Parking are the Only Options (and Other Travel Myths You Should Ignore)

Travel has so many wonderful benefits to offer. Getting away for even a few days can be both restful and rejuvenating, and ultimately, that may have a significantly positive impact on your health. Time off from your usual grind can also make you more effective and efficient when you return to SeaTac, retrieve your vehicle from your chosen airport parking facility, and resume your duties of working, attending school, or running a household. The renewed sense of perspective you may gain from traveling could also help to make all of your relationships more harmonious. Strangely, various myths about travel have worked their way into our culture – and some of these fallacies are now accepted as fact by innumerable individuals. Don’t allow these false beliefs to prevent you from taking a trip that you richly deserve. Read below to explore the top travel myths and why they just don’t make sense today.

Myth #1: Travel is too Expensive

Nonsense! With so many ways to save money, traveling today could be more affordable than ever before. Sure, airline travel was a luxury several decades ago, but much has changed since the days when airplane passengers were expected to wear suits and dresses during their flights. Now, you can take advantage of apps and websites designed to get you the best rates on flights and hotels. Budgeting your travel dollars does not mean that you must sacrifice the quality of your trip. From securing affordable offsite airport parking to traveling during the off season, you can find many ways to get out of town without breaking the bank.

Myth #2: You Must Follow Tradition

Although many conventions associated with travel make sense for a variety of people, that doesn’t mean you have to follow them. If you don’t want to visit every (or any) landmark in the guidebook, don’t do it! If you’d prefer to wander around a new city and discover its merits on your own, then follow your instincts and skip the guided tours. You can always explore travel blogs for inspiration if you find yourself at a loss during your journey. travel myths

Myth #3: You Need a Travel Agent

Using a travel agency certainly can add value to your trip, particularly if you wish to streamline the planning process. However, you can do the footwork yourself if you have the time and motivation. You might even find some better deals than a travel agent would, especially if that individual generally works with the same hotels most of the time.

Myth #4: Parking at the Airport is the Best Option

A lot of people are largely unaware that when catching a flight, SeaTac and Seattle Airport parking are the only real choices. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Offsite SeaTac parking is typically much more affordable than the high rates at the airport. Aeroparking, in particular, offers some of the lowest offsite airport parking prices in the area. Aeroparking provides much more than incredibly low prices. We are only minutes away from SeaTac Airport, and you can catch a free shuttle ride to and from the airport. Our lot is safe, paved, and staffed around the clock. Check out our shockingly affordable online rates, and book a spot at our facility for your next trip out of SeaTac!