After You Park and Fly SeaTac: What Other Countries Want You to Know

As a frequent SeaTac flyer, you may already have learned that Aeroparking is the best way to park and fly SeaTac. The rates are among the most affordable that you will find in offsite airport parking facilities. Our lot is safe and paved, and our shuttle buses run frequently and are free of charge to our customers. Essentially, we help make it as effortless as possible to store your vehicle when you’re away from SeaTac. There is no need to perform exhaustive research to discover a great local parking lot; you’ve found us! If you’re planning to fly out of SeaTac to another country, however, you may want to devote some time to doing your research. Make sure that you understand the customs of your chosen destination. You might start your exploration by perusing the details below, which touch on some of the things you should probably know before you visit some of the world’s most popular destinations.

When You’re in France

France is a classic travel choice for many compelling reasons, including its museums, landmarks, world-class cuisine, and fashionable shopping options. When you are in France, be sure to explore areas other than just Paris. The French countryside is idyllic, and the Atlantic Coast is charming. Before you go, you might want to learn a little French; it could have an impact on how others interact with you. eiffel tower

Traveling in Italy

Italy is another top European destination. If you plan to stay there, you should know that the dinner hour is a bit later than in America. Instead of dining in early evening as Americans often do, Italians generally sit down for their evening meal between 7:30pm and 9:00pm. Also, many Italian shop owners close their doors for a few hours in the early afternoon.

Visiting Dubai

Dubai has been widely visited in recent years. Be aware that temperatures are typically hot; you will want to choose the clothing you take accordingly. If you are going to Dubai for a romantic getaway, keep in mind that excessive displays of affection in public are grounds for arrest. When you travel to Dubai during Ramadan, expect many of the restaurants to be closed. Major malls may be much less populated at this time, and the nightlife will likely be subdued.

As You Explore Japan

Japan can be a magical place, especially if you have some understanding of its customs. Like the U.S.A., this country has varied climates throughout its various landscapes; however, you may generally experience four seasons in many parts of Japan. As you explore the streets and landmarks of Japan, don’t be surprised if you see people wearing sanitary masks on their faces. Many individuals wear these in Japan to prevent the spread of diseases such as the cold virus, as well as to avoid inhaling dust, pollen, and other allergens. Traveling outside of the United States can be an amazing experience. Once you have chosen your destination, don’t forget to research it before you leave. Another important detail to remember is securing a space at Aeroparking as soon as you know your travel dates. You can save money and count on a secured place for your vehicle when you park and fly SeaTac.