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What’s New in Airline Travel? SeaTac Flyers Want to Know

Aeroparking SignageChange is inevitable, and airports and airline companies continually make changes to meet the needs of modern flyers. If you know what to expect for the year ahead in airline travel, you will be better able to prepare for any trips you are planning. From premium economy flights, to an increase in budget options, to self-service and robotics for virtually everything, the future seems bright for SeaTac air travelers.

Flying Economy Class in Style

Those who choose economy class may be surprised at the changes implemented by some of the airlines. The differences between the standard economy model and the newer, premium choices are notable. Features such as more legroom, more spacious seating, and leg supports can have a major impact on your overall flying experience. Other perks might include priority check-ins, meal upgrades, and more generous baggage allowances. These benefits may be more affordable than you might suspect, so it could be worth looking into the next time you fly.

Less Is More

While some airlines are focusing on enhancing their economy seating, others are paring down their business class amenities in favor of lower fares. The tradeoff for enjoying more affordable pricing may be doing without perks such as chauffeur services, wider seats, and upgrades for frequent flyers. If you’re planning a quick trip to a destination that isn’t far from home, fewer frills could be worth the savings.

Although business class amenities seem to be dwindling, travelers flying on a budget may have more options than ever. Some airlines have launched seating class choices to appeal to those who wish to save as much as possible when they fly. Sometimes referred to as “Basic Economy,” this type of seating is likely to come with the fewest amenities of all. To many passengers, minimal baggage allowances and automated seating are a small price to pay for a lower ticket price.

Automated Services

Automation has taken over the airline industry in many capacities, and numerous travelers find this reality to be very convenient. People no longer need to wait for another human being to assist them with tasks such as printing boarding passes or checking in for their flights. Now, the latest trend is robotics. In the near future, passengers might reasonably expect robots to help them check in, guide them to various areas of an airport, and provide assistance with baggage collection.

Embracing the Changes for 2018

Whether you are an avid traveler or an occasional flyer, the newest trends in airline travel may affect your next travel experience. Now that you have some idea of what you might expect, you can take advantage of some of the inevitable changes.

While change is often something to embrace, there is no need to modify anything that isn’t broken. Aeroparking offers an airport parking model that works beautifully for countless SeaTac Airport travelers. We always strive to provide the best service, the most competitive rates, and the highest level of convenience possible. The next time you fly out of SeaTac, remember to book a reservation for a space at our offsite airport parking facility.

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