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Taking a Short Trip to or from SeaTac Airport? A Day-use Hotel Could Be Ideal

day use hotel seattleIf you are taking a short business trip or are flying somewhere to go on a cruise, you may want a hotel room for only an afternoon. If you have never heard of this type of arrangement for short-term accommodation, it is well worth a little time and research to determine whether it would be suitable. Additionally, you can easily afford such a convenience when you save money at Aeroparking, which is situated in close proximity to SeaTac Airport.

What Is a Day-use Room?

Many hotels provide the use of their rooms during the daytime hours. This can be quite beneficial to various customers for a wide variety of reasons. The usual check-in rules typically apply, but the hours are different from those that people generally associate with hotel stays. In many cases, day-use hours run from 8am to 7pm.


The types of individuals who require hotels rooms for day use may vary as much as the reasons for using them. Business professionals, seniors, college students, couples, and families might all take advantage of this service under certain circumstances. The following are just a few examples of situations that may compel you to spend time in a hotel room for the day.

A Place to Stay Before a Cruise

If you have ever booked a cruise, you might have benefited from staying somewhere relaxing until it was time to board the ship. You may have found yourself spending more time in an airport bar than you wanted to. You might have gone shopping or sightseeing, all the while glancing nervously at the time so that you didn’t miss your boarding opportunity. An often welcome alternative is to spend several hours relaxing in a hotel room. You can watch TV, sleep, or take a refreshing bath or shower. You may also want to use the free WiFi to check your email, since you won’t always have internet availability at sea.

Traveling on Business

Countless business trips involve a quick stay in a different city or state. If you travel often for business purposes, you could grow weary of always trying to find ways to entertain yourself before your flight home. Instead of scrambling for something to do, as well as spending money needlessly, you may want to consider booking a day-use room. You can unwind, enjoy the view from your room, and order a meal via room service.

Coming from Canada

Numerous Canadians specifically use SeaTac Airport to catch cheaper flights than in their general area. In fact, many of these travelers choose to drive from Canada and park offsite at Aeroparking. If you opt to travel via this method, you may want to arrive early and book a room where you can freshen up before your flight.

There really are innumerable reasons for using a hotel room for several hours. You might want to book a room for an exciting afternoon with your spouse. You and your family may need some space to relax between sightseeing and dining out in a city several miles from home. You could even make use of such a convenience simply to allow yourself a quick getaway from your daily routine. If you are planning to utilize a hotel room near SeaTac Airport before your flight, be sure to park your car at the Aeroparking facility. Aeroparking is safe, conveniently located, and always affordable.

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