SeaTac Travelers: Explore the Top 5 Advantages of Staying at an Airport Hotel  

link light rail seatac airport stationWhether you are a SeaTac resident flying somewhere else, or you are a visitor staying in the SeaTac area, booking a room near the airport offers many benefits. From sheer convenience to an assortment of options, you may appreciate the various advantages of an airport hotel stay. Here are a few of the main reasons that numerous travelers look for accommodations near the airport.

1. Location, Location, (Well, You Know the Rest…)

One of the most obvious reasons to select an airport hotel or motel is because it is so close to the airport. When you arrive at your travel destination, you won’t have far to go if you choose one of the nearby facilities. Once it is time to catch your return flight, you can do so easily when you are staying near the airport. This also means that you will pay less for that cab, shuttle, or peer-to-peer ride back to the airport.

2. Freedom of Choice

You will typically find several places to stay near an airport. Freedom of choice is important, especially when you are traveling. Whether you want to book a room in a budget motel or a more luxurious hotel, you should have an assortment of possibilities.

3. Time Efficiency

If you are traveling for business purposes, every moment may count in terms of landing a deal. You might need to meet with a prospect soon after your arrival in an area. When your room is near the airport, you will have more time to unpack and refresh before your meeting.

4. Business Meetings

If you plan to conduct a meeting with a client when you’re in a different town, you might find the perfect place right at your hotel. Airport hotels are often equipped with everything their guests need to hold professional meetings, such as conference rooms or other areas that make perfect meeting spaces. Other useful amenities may include video conferencing capabilities, audio-visual equipment, access to fast internet speeds, and a PA system. You can usually order refreshments on-site, as well.

5. Layover Options

Sometimes, layovers are inevitable. Whether your layover is expected or a result of being bumped from a flight, why wait it out at the airport? Instead of spending extra money for airport dining, you can relax and order room service. A comfortable room with all the amenities is also highly preferable to trying to find a spot at the airport for yourself and your belongings. Whether it is for pleasure or business, traveling will present you with a wide array of choices. When you think about the advantages that airport hotels have to offer, you might decide to book all of your future rooms in such places. Always remember one important detail before you leave for your flight out of SeaTac: Parking at Aeroparking is another superior option for airline travelers. The rates are shockingly low, and the perks are impressive. From free shuttles to rewards points to a high level of security, our offsite SeaTac Airport parking facility is the best place in the area to park your vehicle.