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Your Pre-Travel List: 5 Things to Do Before You Leave SeaTac

Writing Out A Packing List Ready For A VacationTraveling involves a broad range of details, particularly if you are leaving the country or going on a long trip. Details such as putting regular deliveries on hold, getting vaccinated if necessary, and purchasing travel insurance may all have an impact on the overall success of your time out of town. Here is a general to-do list that you can use before you go on your next trip.

1. Take Care of Your Bills

If you are planning to be gone for more than a week, you need to ensure that all of your bills will be paid on time. The last issue you will want to come home to is the absence of a basic utility because you forgot about the bill. Put any bills that you can on auto-pay. If you don’t like making auto payments in general, you can always reverse it when you return.

2. Hold the Deliveries

Another detail you won’t want to forget is putting regular scheduled deliveries on pause. Make a list of all the items you have delivered to your home or office, such as daily or weekly newspapers, the fruit of the month, and bottles of fresh milk. Once you have written down everything you can remember, contact each company to request no deliveries during your absence.

3. Schedule Relevant Vaccinations

When traveling overseas, you may need to get some vaccinations before your trip. Some diseases, such as measles, may be more of a danger in your destination of choice than they are in the U.S. Others might pose virtually no risk at home, but they could be common threats in certain places abroad. Those diseases may include cholera, yellow fever, and typhoid. Talk to your doctor about which vaccines you should order before you leave the States.

4. Buy Travel Insurance

Another step to take before you leave the country is to purchase travel insurance. If an area you are traveling to is evacuated due to a natural disaster, you may be compensated by way of a trip cancellation clause in your insurance. This type of policy might also cover important issues such as emergency medical attention, lost luggage, and theft of certain items.

5. Check the Travel Advisories

Shortly prior to your departure, check online for travel alerts that may affect your plans. You might find such information on the State Department’s website. This kind of warning could be serious enough to compel you to postpone your trip. If you opt to go anyway, you should be certain that you have the correct information handy for the American embassies in all of your travel destinations.

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