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Forget About Cabs and Ride-Share Services – 3 Important Reasons Offsite Airport Parking at SeaTac Is Better  

taxi cabTaxis and ride-share services can be expensive, and they are not always reliable. Along with the horror stories consumers have reported about various drivers, the experience itself is not likely to surpass the convenience of offsite SeaTac Airport parking. Instead of worrying about whether you’ll make your flight, just store your car at Aeroparking. Then, you’ll be free to enjoy your vacation or focus on your business trip, and you will never need to give your vehicle a second thought when you’re out of town.

1. Where Are We Going, Exactly?

Not all cab drivers or ride-share participants are shady. In fact, the majority could be responsible and ethical. However, there are enough tales of underhanded deeds to make you think twice before you catch a ride to the airport with a stranger. One of the classic examples is the driver who attempts to pad the fare by taking a meandering route to your destination. This may be even more common for passengers going to and from the airport. Since there is a greater likelihood that such people may not be locals, an unethical driver might assume that an airport pickup or drop-off may not know the difference if a few extra neighborhoods make their way onto the route.

The solution? Leave your car at the Aeroparking facility. At Aeroparking, you will never need to worry about being overcharged for services. The rates are listed on the website, and you can book a reservation to ensure that your space will be ready when you are.

2. Because Every Dollar Counts

Would you rather spend your money on a cab ride and tip, on a ride-share service at peak rates, or on your own vacation? Even if your driver does not take an unnecessarily long route to your destination, the fees could actually be more than the cost of a week of parking at our offsite lot. If you opt to become a member of our rewards club, you’ll save even more money. The Aeroparking Perks Club is free, and for every day you park at our facility, we reward you with points toward a free day of parking.

Another bonus: Once you stow your vehicle at our facility, you can catch a free ride on our shuttle to SeaTac Airport. Upon your return to SeaTac, board the free shuttle back to the Aeroparking lot.

3. Security Is Priceless

Another scary aspect of paying for a ride to the airport is the chance that your driver may not be a model citizen. If you have ever sat breathless in the passenger seat as your taxi driver sped madly through traffic, you know firsthand how alarming such an experience can be. Worse yet, ride-share drivers are not even subject to the same regulations that cab drivers are. That means you are literally putting your life in the hands of someone who may not be qualified to accept such a responsibility.

Instead of risking life and limb, you can trust the Aeroparking staff to treat you with courtesy and respect. Our facility is well-lighted, fenced, and paved. We maintain on-site security all day and all night, 365 days per year. That is a benefit that you cannot put a price on, but we’ve managed to make it affordable anyway.

When you think about all the options, the right choice is clear. The next time you are leaving SeaTac, drive your car to Aeroparking and leave it safely with us.

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