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Where SeaTac Travelers Can Find the World’s Most Incredible Gardens

House of Claude Monet in Giverny

House and garden of Claude Monet in Giverny

Springtime is upon us, and that means that many of the world’s best gardens will soon be in full bloom. If you’re looking for a memorable way to use up some frequent flyer miles this spring, you might want to select a travel destination that offers one of these gardens as an attraction. Just pack your bags, park your vehicle at an offsite SeaTac parking facility – such as Aeroparking – and get ready to enjoy some lovely floral displays.

Giverny, France: Claude Monet’s Garden

If you appreciate this classic artist’s paintings, you will very likely enjoy the garden at his estate, as well. Your eyes will be treated to a brilliant display of colors wherever you look. The lily pond is absolutely idyllic, and it’s a wonderful place to indulge in a few moments of reflection. The house itself is covered in greenery and surrounded by flowers. You may take a guided tour by bus if you’d prefer to educate yourself as you view the grounds.

Salzberg, Austria: Mirabell Gardens

When you visit this popular attraction, you can also take a tour of the Mirabell Palace – which is impressive, indeed. The marble staircase (it features marble statuary) provides enough of a reason for an excursion to this historical site. The gardens have been planted in a neatly organized fashion to create a memorable floral design. Every aspect of this palatial estate is noteworthy.

London, England: Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew

These gardens in West London are utterly spectacular. The gardens are 250 years old, and they are just as sought after by visitors today as they have ever been. The massive greenhouse (which consists of a succession of interconnected glass houses) is filled with light, courtesy of a beautifully arched frame. Inside the greenhouse, you’ll see giant lily pads, huge palms and other delightfully tall trees, and many other plants worth viewing. Outside of the glass houses, flowers may be found all over the grounds. You may also stroll across a high bridge that forms a treetop walkway.

Pattaya, Thailand: Nong Nooch Paradise Garden

This tropical botanical garden is another one you’ll want to add to your list. The full-day or half-day tour would be well worth your time and money. You’ll actually see a broad variety of on-site attractions, from a sprawling topiary garden, to a simulation of a French garden from the 17th century, to a replication of Stonehenge. This is a very large park that offers plenty of activities beyond flower gazing; you might also watch live entertainment, including dancing and drum shows.

Victoria, British Columbia: The Butchart Gardens

Visit a group of gardens when you travel to this Canadian visual attraction. You may experience a range of collections, such as elaborately designed birdhouses, bronze statuary, and a wealth of gardens. The gardens include a lovely Japanese garden, and elegant Italian garden, and a peaceful feature known as the Star Pond.

Phoenix, Arizona: Desert Botanical Garden

You certainly do not need to leave the United States in order to see unforgettable gardens. One U.S. garden you won’t want to miss is Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix. You may walk along several nature trails to observe plenty of desert plant life. One must-see exhibition is the butterfly exhibit in the spring, which may be described as truly magical.

The world is filled with breathtaking gardens, and springtime is the perfect occasion for viewing them. Whether you travel to Arizona, Canada, Thailand, or Europe, you will discover plenty of opportunities to see beautiful flowers and greenery. Once you return to SeaTac, you can pick up your car from the Aeroparking lot, head home, and enjoy all of the photos you took during your journey.

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