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SeaTac Airport Flyers: Visit the World’s Most Bizarre Airports

Gibraltar airport

Have you ever landed on a runway in the middle of the French Alps? How about flying directly over the heads of beach goers just before you land? You might want to take a trip to see at least one of them if you get the chance. You could even take an epic journey and visit several of them in one trip. Just pack your bags and head over to SeaTac Airport for the adventure of a lifetime. Before you drop your car off at Aeroparking for safekeeping, take a look at a few of some of the strangest airports in the world.

Courchevel, France

If daredevil skiing is your idea of a perfect activity when you’re traveling, then you’ll probably enjoy landing at the ski resort in Courchevel. This incredible airport runway looks just like a ski run, and it is adjacent to an ominous vertical mountain drop. Landing on the runway is always an adventure because it is less than 2,000 feet long. The landing is done at an uphill angle, while takeoffs are done on a downhill slope. Either way, you can get your thrills without ever having to put on a pair of skis.

Wellington, New Zealand

What makes this airport weird is not its location, but rather, what’s inside the airport. If you aren’t expecting to see it, you could be relatively shocked to encounter a huge statue of Gollum, the Lord of the Rings character, coming from the rafters. The statue appears to be reaching for one of the giant fish sculptures that are suspended from the ceiling. The sight will certainly keep you occupied as you wait for your flight.

Simpson Bay, Saint Maarten

The airport on this Caribbean island isn’t so strange, but its placement certainly is. In order to land at the airport, you must first fly directly over the heads of people on the beach. Because of the position of the runway, you could be close enough to the ground to see what the beach goers are wearing. The tourists don’t usually seem to mind, but the sound of the landing planes can be somewhat deafening.

Barra, Scotland

Forget flying over the shoreline – how about landing right on the beach instead? That’s what you’ll do if you fly to this Scottish island. Planes have been landing there since the 1930s. Although the runways are not paved, they accommodate over 1,000 flights annually.


The airport in this British territory between Spain and Morocco has, perhaps, one of the weirdest runways on the planet. It is intersected by the busiest road in Gibraltar. Amazingly, the airport and the town are able to use the space in harmony.

Exploring some of the world’s strangest airports can be fun, but you’ll probably be glad to return to SeaTac! After a hair-raising landing or two, you might develop a whole new level of appreciation for SeaTac Airport. Another detail you can appreciate: Your car will be safe at Aeroparking while you’re gone.

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