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Travel Secrets From Industry Insiders – What SeaTac Travelers Need to Know

If you really want to know how to travel, take some tips from those who work in the industry. Knowing the inside scoop could make many aspects of your next trip out of SeaTac much easier. From packing headphones, to bringing your own placemat, to knowing which day to schedule your flight, a little insight before your trip can go a long way. Consider the following pointers before you take your next business trip or vacation.

Bring Headphones

You can use the headphones provided by the airline, but they might not be new. Sure, they may come in a package to appear like a fresh pair. However, the headphones you have access to on the plane could actually have been used by the previous passenger. The most sanitary option would be to simply bring your own along.

Pack a Placemat, Too

In addition to packing your own headphones, you may want to stash a placemat in your carry-on bag. The tray table in front of you might not be as clean as you would hope. You may also be surprised by some of the activities that take place on airplane tray tables, such as quick diaper changes. A disposable placemat will provide an extra layer of protection while you eat (and you might consider bringing along some antibacterial wipes, as well).

Make Your Pet Easily Identifiable

When you are traveling with your pet, you should put its name on the carrier. The airport employees might offer your animal comfort until it sees you again. Knowing its name will make it that much easier for them to calm the pet while it waits for you.

Fly on the Right Day

If you wish to avoid a mass of fellow travelers, schedule your flight on a Tuesday or Wednesday. Vacationers tend to fly out on weekend flights, while business people are mostly found traveling on Thursdays, Fridays, or Mondays. You can likely fly on a Tuesday or Wednesday without competing with a huge crowd of other flyers.

Get Rid of Obsolete Flight Tags

When you travel frequently, you may forget to remove some of those old flight tags from your luggage. That could create a lot of hassle if one of your bags is routed to the wrong location. Make sure you remove the old tags from the inside of your baggage, as well.


You can save quite a bit of money at the airport by carrying your own water bottle. Bottles of water at the airport and other places can be expensive, so skip the added expense and pack a bottle. Many airport restaurants will refill your water, and you can also use a drinking fountain to replenish your supply.

Implementing a few insider tips at the airport could save you time and money. You might even avoid catching a bug from errant germs. The #1 tip for affordable offsite SeaTac Airport parking? Park your vehicle at Aeroparking, of course! You can travel knowing your vehicle is safe, and you won’t be forced to spend a fortune on parking.

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