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SeaTac Airport Is One of the Tech-Friendliest!


SeaTac Airport Is One of the Tech-Friendliest!

Did you know that SeaTac is home to one of the tech-friendliest airports in the nation? In fact, SeaTac Airport was named one of the top 10 U.S. high-tech airports by Fodor’s. Once your car is parked at Aeroparking, remember to bring your electronic device of choice to the airport. You can settle in and catch up on work, or you might indulge in your favorite online entertainment while you wait for your flight. The following are a few ways that this airport anticipates the tech needs of its customers.

Power Up Your Device

Many people feel that waiting for a flight can be very boring – especially if your flight is canceled or otherwise delayed. When you’re flying from SeaTac Airport however, this does not need to be a problem. Just remember to bring along your favorite mobile device, and you can pass the time indefinitely. If you’re flying from Gates A, B, D, or S, you will find power outlets under your seat in the waiting area. According to the airport’s website, more under-seat power outlets will be added sometime soon near Gates C, D, and N. Additionally, under-seat power outlets are already provided at Gates C and N by Alaska Airlines. A charging station may also be found at Gate D.

Enjoy Free Wi-Fi

When you are a guest at SeaTac Airport, one of the benefits you may appreciate is the free Wi-Fi. You may access Wi-Fi at no cost in all of the airport’s public areas. Simply connect with the password SEATAC-FREE-WIFI; before you may use the airport’s Wi-Fi, you will need to accept the terms of use, and you may be shown a quick advertisement – a small price to pay for free Wi-Fi!

Another advantage of signing on to the airport’s free Wi-Fi is that once you do, you’ll see information related to your current location at the airport. You might access information on your travel destination, flight details, and the location of concessions in close proximity to you.

Use an Airport Device

If you didn’t bring your cell phone or other mobile device with you, there is no need to worry. The airport also provides guests with phones that are internet-enabled. You can check your email and browse websites via these phones for a $5 minimum, and the current rate per minute is 35 cents. Internet access on the phones is high-speed for your convenience.

Other Tech Perks at SeaTac Airport

Here are a few more tech perks worth considering: When you’re at the cell phone lot, you may want to utilize an app that provides details about the most recent flight arrivals. The self-check-in kiosk is always popular; it enables you to skip the ticket counter process altogether. If you’d like to view some art while you wait, you may take a self-guided tour of some amazing local art (the airport features more than a hundred works of art).

As you can see, the airport in SeaTac truly is tech-friendly! Having access to modern technology at the airport could make your entire trip go as smoothly as possible. Just park your car at the Aeroparking lot, ride the free shuttle to SeaTac Airport, and take advantage of the tech perks once you’re there.

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