Aeroparking Blog: All About Parking at SeaTac Airport

Aeroparking Members: Get the Best Offsite Parking Accommodations in SeaTac

Your travel budget shouldn’t be consumed by parking fees. When you’re flying from SeaTac Airport, you probably don’t want to spend a large portion of your available funds simply to park your car in a safe place. That is why the airport parking facility is not a viable option for many SeaTac flyers. In fact, the parking rates at the airport are scheduled for an increase in April 2017, which means you’ll pay more to park there than ever.

Before you abandon the thought of treating yourself to a trip out of town, you should know that affordable airport parking exists in SeaTac! Aeroparking is the best offsite SeaTac Airport parking facility available. The daily and weekly rates at Aeroparking are two to four times less than the fees to park at the airport, and Aeroparking is only a few miles away from SeaTac Airport.

You Are a Valued Customer

At Aeroparking, we do not believe that you should spend a major portion of your travel budget on parking. That’s why we offer highly competitive rates to SeaTac passengers – and the Aeroclub perks for members are especially inviting. Here is the low-down on maximizing your parking dollars while you’re out of town.

Automatic Discount

When you’re a member of the Aeroparking rewards club, you will automatically enjoy a discount of $1 off the posted rates – and that discount is extended on a daily basis. That’s an automatic savings of $7 for a week just for being a registered member, and membership is free.

Points Add Up to More Savings

Once you get a rewards card from the cashier’s booth, just register for the Aeroclub online. After you’ve registered, you may begin to get points simply for parking as you normally would. Be sure to book a reservation online via the member area or scan your card when you enter the lot, so you can receive the points that you’ve earned.

Every day that you pay to park at Aeroparking, you will earn five points. When you reach 35 points, you may park for an entire day on the lot for free! You can use your points as soon as you have earned a free day. Another option is to continue earning points, in order to accumulate multiple free days.

Reserve Parking in Advance

Another benefit of Aeroparking rewards club membership is that you may schedule your parking days in advance of your trip. There is no need to worry about whether a parking space will be available for you. When you have a flight to catch, you want to be sure that you can just park your car and go. As an Aeroclub member, you can log in to the website, reserve your space, and avoid the extra stress of searching frantically for a spot at the airport.

Yet Another Way to Save

Aeroparking is also proud to offer free shuttle service to our customers. You won’t need to spend additional time and money on transportation from our offsite parking lot to SeaTac Airport. When you arrive at the airport after your trip, you’ll also enjoy a free ride back to our parking facility.

Don’t let high airport parking fees get you down – Aeroparking offers a parking solution you’ll appreciate. Our offsite SeaTac Airport parking facility is secure, our staff members are friendly, and our rates are affordable. Best of all: Once you sign up for a free rewards club membership, you can save even more money just for leaving your car at Aeroparking.

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