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How to Store Your Car Outside in the Winter at SeaTac

car coveringGoing on any extended trips this winter? Rain, snow, and low temperatures can wreak havoc with your vehicle if you store it outdoors for long periods of time (but this is only true if you don’t prepare it for outside storage). The next time you leave SeaTac Airport and park your car at Aeroparking, follow these tips for proper outside storage. You’ll save money by using reliable offsite airport parking, and your car will be in good shape upon your return.

Clean the Interior

The inside of your car will also need to be cleaned. Leaving crumbs, to-go containers from restaurants, or any other remnants of food could encourage small critters to make a new home in your vehicle. If you can use a household vacuum cleaner with attachments to perform this task, you could spare yourself from much trouble later.

Wash the Exterior

Before you drive your car over to the Aeroparking lot, be sure that you clean the exterior of the vehicle. Any cracks or crevices in the paint that haven’t been cleaned could be the perfect breeding ground for rust – so don’t hesitate to have your car professionally washed if you don’t have time to do it yourself before your trip. This will help to prevent a combination of dirt, debris, and moisture from building up in the crevices. Clean the underside of the car, as well – and don’t forget to remove dirt that has accumulated in the wheel wells. After the car has been washed, allow it to dry in a warm, arid place before you store it outside for a significant length of time.

Fill the Gas Tank

Fill the gas tank and add gasoline stabilizer. Once the tank has been filled, drive the car at least 30 miles to ensure that the stabilizer has been thoroughly mixed with the gas.

Pump the Tires With Air

Remember to fill the tires with air, too. When you are storing your car outside, cover the tires in order to protect them from direct sunshine.

Choosing a Car Cover

The only type of cover that should go on the vehicle is a fitted cover; a tarp that fits loosely could cause more damage than no cover at all. If you cover your car with a tarp that does not fit it properly, moisture can easily be caught between the cover and the car; if a wind begins to below the tarp around, your car’s paint could ultimately be destroyed.

Leaving your vehicle in a safe, secured parking lot is essential when you’re traveling – especially when you are going to be gone for a while. Aeroparking offers a facility with 24/7 security, and the rates are incredibly reasonable. As long as you take a few easy steps to prepare your car for outdoor storage while you’re away, it should be just fine when you return from your trip. You’ll need to prepare the vehicle whether you leave it inside or outside, so you might as well leave it in an affordable place with a great track record for optimal security and top-notch customer service. When you arrive home again, your car will be ready to drive on the wintertime SeaTac roads once again.

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