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Where to Eat at SeaTac Airport

Woman with her baby in airport food courtChances are good that you could get hungry waiting for your flight at SeaTac Airport. You might also be in the mood to eat when you arrive in SeaTac after a long trip. You may be surprised by all of the great dining options available – and you won’t even need to leave the airport to take advantage of them. Once you’ve secured your vehicle at Aeroparking (the best offsite airport parking facility in the area), you’ll have plenty of money left over to enjoy your meal. Here are a few options worth considering.


In the mood for seafood? Well, you won’t go hungry at SeaTac Airport. Anthony’s Restaurant and Fish Bar offers a full menu of delicious fish options, from the Alaska salmon burger to the Pacific swordfish to blackened halibut tacos; don’t forget to order a peach sundae when you’re done with your main course! Other great choices include the grilled ahi tuna burger at Dungeness Bay Seafood House and the Washington Coastal king salmon at Ivar’s Seafood Bar.


If you’d rather have pizza or another type of Italian cuisine, you will certainly have access to that at the airport. Sbarro has several types of pizza on the menu, including Veggie, Hawaiian, and Supreme pizzas; they also make spaghetti and baked ziti. Pallino offers a menu of two pages filled with delectable dishes, such as fettuccine Alfredo, grilled chicken frutetto, and grilled panini. Wolfgang Puck Gourmet Express has a wealth of pizza and other foods, from barbecued chicken to butternut squash soup.

Fast Food

Sometimes, the best dining option is the fastest one when you’re trying to catch a flight out of SeaTac. The airport is home to several major fast food chains, like McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Qdoba. Other fast food establishments include Kobo (Asian food) and Runway Grill (sandwiches and fries).

Café Fare

You might find that you’re really craving something sweet at the end of a long journey, or you may need a quick pick-me-up before you board your plane. You can satisfy your need for dessert at Dilettante Mocha Café; feast on items such as chocolate cake, raspberry cheesecake, dark chocolate mousse, or carrot cake. The Dilettante menu is filled with several other tempting dessert foods, as well. If you’re looking for a beverage like coffee or tea, you can stop by Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Caffe Vita, or Starbucks.

As you can see, you won’t go hungry for long at SeaTac Airport! You’ll save money when you leave your vehicle at the Aeroparking lot, so no need to worry about paying for that airport snack or meal. Whether you’re in the mood for Italian cuisine, Asian fare, fast food, or a pastry, the airport offers a wide range of choices for hungry travelers. Once you return from your trip, you might grab a coffee to go for your ride home from Aeroparking.

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