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What to Do When You Get Bumped Off Your SeaTac Flight

You’ve probably heard some of the recent news stories about people getting bumped off their flights. If it happens to you when you’re leaving or returning to SeaTac Airport, remember to remain calm. Here are some tips to help you handle this kind of situation if it ever arises when you are traveling.

Remain Calm

Although it may be difficult to keep your cool when you’re bumped off of a flight, it’s in your best interest to do just that. If you fail to comply, you might be forcibly removed from the plane.

Know Your Rights

You can ask politely why you were chosen to leave, and you should ask to see a printed copy of your rights. When they select passengers to make room on a plane due to overbooking, the airline companies are required to offer financial reimbursement. Do not sign anything until you have read your rights. Keep in mind that if you offer to leave when the agents first ask for volunteers, you will probably only be given a flight voucher.

Be sure you are satisfied with the financial compensation you are being offered. According to the Department of Transportation (DOT), the airlines are required to offer 200 percent of your ticket price (up to $800) if you are bumped involuntarily and your delay is lengthy. Very long delays can be compensated by 400 percent of the ticket price (up to $1,300).

Full Compensation

In addition to being reimbursed for your ticket, you should be compensated for upgrades and services you paid for but didn’t receive. If you paid for an additional service such as checked baggage, you have a right to be reimbursed for that if you don’t receive it during your rebooked flight.

Read Your Voucher Carefully

If you volunteer to leave and receive a voucher, make sure that you read the terms. Details to look for include how long the voucher is valid for, whether you can use it on an international flight, and whether it can be used during holidays.

Ask for Other Vouchers

In addition to financial compensation or flight vouchers, you may also request other kinds of vouchers. If you will be forced to endure a long layover before your replacement fight, ask the airline to provide you with vouchers for transportation, hotel accommodations, and food. Remember to be polite when making such requests.

File a Complaint

If you believe that you have been treated unfairly, file a complaint with the Department of Transportation. If an airline tries to make you accept a flight voucher instead of money for being bumped involuntarily, tell the DOT. You do have rights as a customer, and the airlines must honor those rights.

How to (Possibly) Prevent Getting Bumped

You can’t always avoid being bumped, but you might employ a few strategies worth trying. Check in as early as possible; you may be asked to leave if you are one of the last passengers to check in for a flight. Try to get a seating assignment when you make your reservation – having a predetermined seat might give you a better chance of remaining on a flight (but there are never any guarantees).

Being asked to rebook a flight because an airline overbooked can be annoying and inconvenient. Unfortunately, overbooking flights is not illegal, and there is always a possibility of getting bumped. Just remember to stay calm, and make sure you know your rights.

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