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Beware, SeaTac Travelers! How to Avoid the Most Common Travel Scams

Warning of ScamNo matter how wise you are when you’re at home – or how much you’ve traveled the world – even the savviest of SeaTac travelers can be scammed. Professional thieves and con artists make it their business to separate innocent people from their money and other assets, and you may be especially vulnerable when you’re away from home.

Don’t allow yourself to become the next victim of a ruthless crook – and don’t get scammed by exorbitant parking fees either. You’ll always park affordably at Aeroparking, so you don’t need to worry about where to park your vehicle when you fly from SeaTac Airport. Be on the lookout for these common travel scams, so you can stay safe and enjoy your trip.

The Fraudulent Phone Call

One scam to be aware of is the fake phone call at your hotel. An individual who does this may have a particularly high success rate because many people are vulnerable when they aren’t fully awake. You might get a call late at night or in the early morning hours from someone pretending to be the concierge or other hotel staff member. They may tell you that the hotel’s computer system has crashed and that they need to gather your credit card number or other personal information again. Instead of giving them the information, hang up and call the front desk to verify the story you’ve been given.

Fake Law Enforcement Officials

When you’re traveling, you may be approached by people posing as law enforcement. If they threaten to arrest you for breaking the law and then insist that you pay them cash to avoid jail time, tell them that you have no cash but wish to call the local police to verify their identity. This should be enough to deter them from bothering you again. Be sure to then call the real police in the area, and file a report if possible.

Taxi Scams

Another scam to look out for is the con-artist taxi driver. Once you’ve gotten into a taxi and are on your way to your destination, the driver may try to take you places you didn’t ask to see. Be firm when you get in the vehicle, and let your driver know that you won’t pay to go anywhere but the location you’ve specified. A taxi driver might also try to claim that the meter is broken and overcharge you. To prevent this from occurring, establish the cost of the fare before you agree to ride with the driver.

Distraction Technique

Many scammers count on the fact that travelers may be confused and unaware of their surroundings. This creates the perfect occasion for scammers to create a distraction and commit theft. When someone approaches you in a crowded airport or tourist attraction, be cautious. Always keep your belongings out of easy reach.

Hopefully, you won’t ever be the victim of a scam while traveling. Stay alert and remember that con artists are everywhere. Just as you take care of your car by leaving it at Aeroparking, look out for yourself and your belongings by staying a step ahead of scammers.

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