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Where to Go to Beat the SeaTac Wintertime Blues

romantic getawayIt’s cold and gray in SeaTac! Now that the holiday season is over – are you feeling a little blue? There, there – any of these vacation spots could make the perfect antidote for the wintertime blues. Leave your car at Aeroparking, and treat yourself to an impromptu winter break. Whether you go for two days or two weeks, you deserve it!

Romantic Getaways

Maybe you spent every moment of the holidays with your relatives. While it can certainly be fun to catch up with your cousins and laugh at your brother-in-law’s jokes, the end of the holiday season could also be a cause for relief after attending one family get-together after another. Perhaps some quality time with your mate is exactly what you need right now. One way to beat the wintertime doldrums is to catch a plane from SeaTac to Mexico. In fact, Mexico’s Pacific Coast promises all of the surfing, lounging on the beach, and sipping cocktails that you and your sweetheart might desire.

Another option is to embrace the cold and go somewhere snowy, such as Estes Park, in Colorado. You can make a reservation at a cozy lodge that provides plenty of amenities. After soaking in a hot tub and indulging in hot cocoa by a roaring fire, you’ll be able to recapture the romantic spirit that may have been shelved during the holidays. Don’t forget to schedule a soothing massage for two while you’re in town.

Fun for the Little Ones

You might want to schedule a trip with your kids to some place warm. If you really want to treat the entire family to a special winter vacation, why not take them to Maui? You’ll all find plenty to do while you’re on the island. You can hike a local crater, view a volcano, explore a recreational ocean center, and go on a horseback ride. The views are always spectacular, no matter where you go in the area.

Although Walt Disney World may seem like a cliché for a family holiday destination, it’s popular for many good reasons. You will never lack for something to do when you’re exploring this longtime favorite for children (and adults!). You can stay at a resort hotel, enjoy fun foods, go on exciting rides, and interact with famous theme park characters.

Traveling Solo

You don’t need to travel with others in order to appreciate a wintertime getaway. Taking a trip to Costa Rica may be the perfect way to escape from the feeling of listlessness that often develops over the long months of winter. You could take a canopy tour of the rainforest or participate in a watersport you haven’t yet tried.

Another place that may easily be explored alone is Taos, New Mexico. This destination has been known for attracting writers and artists. Its gorgeous scenery will leave you breathless, and the area possesses a certain unique charm that can make anyone feel comfortable.

Don’t allow yourself to succumb to the wintertime blues! The world is filled with amazing locations worth exploring. Once you’ve packed your bags and stored your vehicle at Aeroparking, you might visit a wide range of unforgettable places.

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