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Worried About Making Your SeaTac Flight On Time?

scaredRelying on a taxi or ride-share vehicle to get you to the airport on time can be scarier than a Halloween ghost! Don’t waste another minute of your time worrying – just park your car offsite at Aeroparking. The shuttle bus will get you there free of charge, and you’ll enjoy plenty of other conveniences, too. In fact, Aeroparking customers find that leaving their vehicles at the offsite SeaTac facility near the airport gives them a sense of security while they’re traveling that is priceless. Consider the following benefits that you may enjoy the next time you need to catch a flight.

Curbing the Expense

Have you ever left your car for long-term parking at an airport parking lot? If so, then you know how outrageously expensive that can be. The rates at Aeroparking are priced for the convenience of the customer. The folks at Aeroparking know that numerous SeaTac fliers travel on a regular basis, either for business or pleasure – or for both purposes. Aeroparking also knows that in order to attract the repeat business of such people, the rates must be competitive. The facility goes beyond competitive prices to downright amazing rates. That is why the lot is the only choice for so many individuals and families.

Riding the Free Shuttle

Instead of hoping that a cab or ride-share driver will arrive on time, you can easily grab a shuttle ride after parking your car in the Aeroparking lot. The buses are available around the clock every day. They run every 15 minutes, so you’ll never be forced to wait around for a long time. You may catch the red shuttle bus from the Aeroparking facility to SeaTac Airport; when you get back from your trip, you can catch another shuttle bus back to the lot. A driver will be there to help you get your luggage on the bus, and the buses are conveniently accessible for travelers in wheelchairs. One of the best features of the Aeroparking shuttle service is that it’s free of charge to those who park in the lot!

Knowing Your Vehicle Is Safe

Another reason to use the lot is that you won’t have to spend time worrying about your car when you’re traveling. Just drive to the facility, park your vehicle, and forget about it until you come back to SeaTac. The Aeroparking lot is always under surveillance, so you’ll feel safe when you’re there as well – whether it’s daytime or nighttime.

Once you experience all of the benefits that Aeroparking offers, you’ll never go back to parking at the airport. You certainly won’t want to risk missing your flight by calling a taxi or ride-share service – that can be a scary prospect no matter what time of year it is. Ride-share services in general have gotten a lot of negative attention for iffy service, and cab rides can be a problem to arrange during peak hours. Minimize hassles and stress by leaving your car at the Aeroparking offsite SeaTac Airport facility; once you do, you will know why offsite airport parking is so popular among seasoned travelers.

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