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Traveling With Your Pet – What You Should Know Before You Get to SeaTac Airport

White PoodleTaking your pet on a trip can be a unique experience. Even if this is not something you ever planned to do, you might be forced to do so for a variety of reasons – such as an unexpected job relocation. No matter what your reason might be for flying with your animal, you may appreciate a few hints on how to make the process as stress-free as possible (for you, your pet, and those around you).

Book Your Flight Well in Advance of Your Trip

Be sure to arrange for your flight as soon as you can. Some airline companies may have a limited capacity for animals, so you’ll want to book your flight as far in advance of your trip as possible. Don’t buy your own ticket until you are sure that your animal will be also be allowed on the plane – make sure that you have secured a ticket for your animal before you arrange your own flight.

Get a Non-Stop Flight

Remember to get a non-stop flight when you’re planning a trip with your pet. You’ll want to minimize the amount of time that your animal must be on planes and in airports. This is especially true when temperatures are extreme (especially if your pet will be traveling via the cargo compartment of the plane).

Obtain a Proper Carrier

Be kind to your pet by getting a carrier that is the proper size. Don’t try to squeeze a large dog in a carrier sized for a smaller animal. Conversely, you also may want to avoid putting a small animal in a carrier that is too big – it could slide around and become scared and uncomfortable. You might put a piece of your clothing in the carrier with your pet – the animal will smell your scent and will likely become calmer as a result.

Take Your Pet for a Checkup

Your animal should be taken in for a checkup with a veterinarian before your trip. It will need to be given all of the appropriate vaccinations (and you may be required to provide documentation proving that this has been done). In most cases, bringing a certificate of health signed by your veterinarian is advisable (remember to ask what documents you’ll need when you book the flight). You may want to ask the veterinarian for some tips on traveling with your animal.

Pack Well for Your Animal

Make a list of all the things that you’ll need to pack for your pet. Bring plenty of treats to keep your animal happy, and pack food and water bowls that won’t break during the journey. You might pack a pet bed (if this will fit in the carrier, you’ll have less to put in your suitcase – and the pet will probably appreciate it during the flight). Don’t forget to pack any medication that your pet may be currently taking. Be sure to bring some of its favorite toys along, as well.

You might choose to travel with your animal for an assortment of reasons. In some cases, doing so is the best option available. While traveling may not be your pet’s favorite activity, it will probably like being with you instead of being left at home. If you plan the details of your trip carefully, you and your pet should be able to travel without much hassle.

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