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Passengers going through airport security checkTraveling can feel like a complex balancing act at times. You may be dealing with a wide range of details – all of them important. From packing everything you need for your trip, to making arrangements for someone to take care of your home, plants, pets (and your kids if you’re not taking them with you), to coordinating your flights and hotel accommodations, you have a lot to think about when you leave town.

The last thing you want to deal with on a trip is trouble before you even board the plane. That is why it’s essential to know the basic rules, guidelines, and frequently asked questions associated with pre-boarding security screening via the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). You may find these tips helpful when you take your next flight from SeaTac Airport.

Flying Without ID

If you’ve lost your ID or it expires before a trip, you may not have time to replace it before you leave. Naturally, you will want to know whether you can even fly in this day and age without some form of proper identification. The TSA agents do have the authority to let you pass through the checkpoint (at their discretion), so being temporarily without your ID before a flight does not typically need to be a cause for alarm. Simply inform the TSA agent that you do not have your ID with you, and be prepared to provide some information that can help you to be identified.

Can I Bring My Medications?

If you take any form of medication on a regular basis, you might be concerned about what kinds of prescription and non-prescription “meds” you can bring with you. The TSA understand that people must take various medications for health reasons, and they are not generally going to deny you the ability to travel with the ones you take. They will need to be screened; you should consult the TSA website before your trip to determine the quantities and containers that are acceptable if you plan to pack some meds with you in your carry-on bag.

The Pre-Screening Process

To expedite the screening process so that you may board your plane as quickly as possible, you can apply for the TSA Pre-Check screening option. You will need to apply for trusted traveler status, and you may do this by walking in to the Pre-Check application center at SeaTac Airport and filling out an application there. A more efficient option is to pre-enroll online, and then visit the Pre-Check application center after you’ve enrolled. You will be required to pay an enrollment fee to cover the application process. If you have questions about applying for pre-check screening, you may want to browse the TSA online Help Center (you’ll also find a link to their Contact Form at the bottom of that page).

Whether you’re traveling on business or just for fun, you will likely want to avoid hassles whenever you can. By learning the best practices for being screened by the TSA, you may spare yourself and your fellow travelers from spending extra time at the security checkpoints. Here’s another tip: Leave your vehicle with Aeroparking to save time and money – you’ll thank yourself later for making that decision now.

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