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Tips for Frugal SeaTac Flyers

moneyTraveling from SeaTac – or from anywhere – can be expensive if you don’t know how to do it frugally. Fortunately, you can do a variety of things to keep on top of your travel budget. Simple travel hacks like dining inexpensively and visiting free attractions may help you to maximize your funds while still enjoying an epic journey.

Explore Ways to Get Deals on Airfare

There is no reason to spend more on airfare than you need to – so learn how to find the best deal for your next flight. Make use of the various apps designed to help travelers locate the best ticket prices available. Additionally, clear your browser cache frequently when you’re searching online for airfare deals; some websites may otherwise remember you, and they might actually offer more expensive rates when you visit them a second time.

Find Alternative Accommodations

When money is a concern, you may want to skip the fancy hotel and find different types of places that will accommodate you. House-sharing is as popular as ever, so consider using one of the sites that offers this type of service. You could also check classified ad websites for people who want to trade houses while they’re vacationing; you would stay in their home and they would stay in yours. If you know people who live in your intended travel destination, you might offer to house-sit for them the next time they want to go on a trip – you could even make some extra cash doing this instead of spending money on a hotel room.

Dine at Reasonable Prices

Eating well does not need to mean spending a fortune on trendy restaurants during your trip. Start your journey by bringing healthy snacks on the plane instead of paying too much for unhealthy ones. When you stay in a hotel, skip the room service option (and avoid the expensive snacks that may be available in the minibar in your room). Go grocery shopping for some basic, healthy foods that will keep well in a hotel room (like fruits and vegetables). When you eat out, look for places that are more likely to be frequented by locals than tourists.

Discover the Inexpensive Sights Worth Seeing

Most cities have a wealth of local attractions that cost little or nothing to visit. These may include local museums, parks, and historical sites. Many places have free walking tours of the most appealing neighborhoods in the area. Instead of spending money shopping for souvenirs, take a blissful walk along a beach or a scenic footpath. Search the internet for free live performances that are scheduled in the town you’re visiting while you’re there. You could be pleasantly surprised by how many things you can do for free when you’re on a trip.

If you’re flying from SeaTac on a modest budget, you can still have an incredible experience. A little research may produce a wealth of good deals on airfare, accommodations, dining options, and local activities. One way to save big is to utilize offsite SeaTac Airport parking – why pay more when you don’t have unlimited funds? You can park your car at the Aeroparking facility, and you’ll have money left over to spend on your trip.

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