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Think Twice Before You Schedule That Airport Shuttle to SeaTac!

thinkerMost travelers want to get the most from their travel budgets, and taking an airport shuttle could cost you more time and money than you’d expect. Even if you live in the SeaTac area, you may find that taking a shuttle to the airport costs far more than you may have expected. Parking at the airport itself may also be expensive – in some cases, even the discounted rates could be twice as much as parking at on offsite facility.

This is why so many SeaTac travelers have chosen offsite SeaTac parking instead of parking at the airport or taking an airport shuttle. The savings is significant enough to create a loyal customer base at places such as the Aeroparking facility. If you’re contemplating your parking options for the next time you fly out of SeaTac Airport, you may want to consider the variety of ways you can save when you park and fly with Aeroparking.

The Online Rates Are Amazing

Taking one look at a current online price chart for Aeroparking will demonstrate how much cheaper this option is than virtually any other choice. An added bonus for those in the military is the 20 percent discount offered by the facility. (The discount is applicable whether you are in the Army, Air Force, Navy, or Marine Corps, as well as the Coast Guard or Department of Defense.) However, you don’t need to be military personnel to enjoy the savings – you can take advantage of online specials when you make your reservations online and in advance.

Join the Perks Club for Further Savings

Joining the Aeroparking Perks Club is the best way to ensure that you are getting the most for your money when you park and fly out of SeaTac. Members of the Perks Club get one dollar off of the posted rates per day. Membership also affords you a day of free parking for every seven days that you park at the lot. Those days can add up quickly if you take one or two trips with an extended stay. You may take your free day as soon as it becomes available, or you can wait until you have a few free parking days to utilize all at one time.

Get Free Shuttle Service

Another benefit of parking at Aeroparking is the free shuttle service for customers. You won’t need to worry about how you’re getting to the airport when you park at the offsite facility. Simply catch the free shuttle bus from the lot to the airport, and catch it again when you return from your trip. It’s easy, and it doesn’t cost you anything.

Once you know how much more economical offsite SeaTac Airport parking is, you may be surprised at how much money you can actually save. Airport shuttles are expensive (unless you’re taking an Aeroparking shuttle, of course). Parking at the airport is also expensive – but fortunately, offsite parking is only a few minutes away from the airport!

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