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That Ride Will Cost How Much?? I’ll Just Park Offsite at SeaTac, Thanks

Too ExpensiveCatching a ride with an Uber or Lyft driver may sound like an easy strategy, but you could be charged hundreds of dollars if you do it during peak hours. Many people do not know that during very busy times, the cost of taking an Uber, Lyft, or SideCar could potentially be exorbitant. If you happen to need a ride to or from the airport during one of these peak times, you could be stuck spending far more than you planned.

A solution to this problem is simply to drive your own vehicle when you need to get a flight from SeaTac Airport. You can park your vehicle at an offsite SeaTac Airport facility, such as the Aeroparking lot. Parking at the airport itself can be surprisingly more expensive than the Aeroparking facility, so innumerable SeaTac customers have learned to just stop by the offsite lot and leave their vehicles there.

Surge Pricing for Ride-Sharing

If you are still unsure about how expensive ride-share fees can be, consider this point: A term used to describe the outrageously high fees that you may be subjected to at peak times is surge pricing. Surge pricing may go into effect anytime there is high demand for unlicensed vehicles (ride-share companies have found a loophole that enables them to send drivers out who have not been properly licensed – the way that cab drivers must be). That means that if your flight takes off during a holiday season or other very busy time for ride-share drivers, you may be faced with a high fee that you certainly did not expect to pay. This fee may be much more than a cab ride – or even a limo ride – might have cost. This is a problem for many customers who might choose the ride-share option to circumvent the higher costs of riding with properly licensed cab drivers.

The Better Choice

Instead of taking a chance on a ride-share company, numerous people in the SeaTac area prefer to park their cars at Aeroparking and save a lot of money in the process. Aeroparking is an offsite facility located very near SeaTac Airport. You can make a reservation online to ensure that you’ll have a space waiting for you when you arrive.

The Aeroparking lot offers an impressive assortment of benefits to customers. The facility is clean, paved, and well-secured. If you join the Perks Club, you can enjoy even more savings than you normally would at the facility. The staff members are friendly and knowledgeable, and the shuttle buses to and from SeaTac Airport are free.

If you thought you’d catch a ride via a ride-share company to save money on your trip to the airport, you may find yourself rethinking that strategy. You never really know what you might be charged for a ride with a ride-share driver who hasn’t even been licensed properly. Why gamble with your wallet and your well-being? You can park your car at Aeroparking for a low fee, and you won’t be subjected to surge pricing during the peak hours.

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