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Ride-Share or Park Your Car: What You Should Know When You Fly Out of SeaTac

Delta AirlinesNearly everyone has heard of Uber and Lyft at this point, but how safe is ride-sharing, really? Negative stories about such companies seem to be more common than ever in the news. The minimal savings that people might enjoy by catching a ride via such a company – instead of paying for an expensive cab ride to the airport – may be minimal at best (especially during the peak hours and days when ride-share costs could potentially be higher than normal). When you compound that with the fact that you’re taking a risk by driving with someone who isn’t subject to the same kinds of regulations that a cab driver is, neither option may sound very appealing.

This is all yet another reason that so many SeaTac airport customers have chosen a different strategy for getting to the airport: Driving their own vehicles and parking them at the Aeroparking lot. Offsite SeaTac parking could be the safest choice for SeaTac flyers. The lot is always under security surveillance, and you won’t need to worry that the person giving you a ride may be driven by questionable ethics or worse.

News Items Worth Considering

While the majority of ride-share drivers may well be safe to ride with, a few recent news stories are alarming enough to raise major concerns among consumers. A recent Yahoo Business Insider article points out that a convicted murderer on parole after 26 years was able to pass through Uber’s background check process undetected. A complaint filed by the District Attorney’s office in San Francisco alleged that at least 25 others convicted of heinous crimes were also able to drive for the company in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

That is a scary prospect, and it is a fact that has prompted many individuals to skip the ride-sharing and take themselves to the airport instead. Other companies like Uber – such as Lyft and Sidecar – have managed to bypass the stricter regulations that taxi drivers and companies must follow. Those regulations are in place for many reasons, and one of them is the safety and well-being of customers. Simply relying on the arbitrary judgment of ride-share company executives doesn’t seem to be working in terms of identifying people who could easily put customers at risk.

The Safe Alternative to Ride-Sharing to the Airport

Once you realize the details that are at play behind the scenes, catching a ride to the airport via a ride-share service may no longer seem like such a great plan. Taking a taxi is expensive; in fact, you might pay less to park your car offsite at SeaTac than you would for the cab rides to and from the airport. Aeroparking offers daily rates that may surprise you. The lot is under security 24 hours per day and seven days per week. You can park your vehicle safely and know it will be secure until you return. This provides you with something invaluable when you travel: Peace of mind.

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