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SeaTac Airport – Resources Parents Will Appreciate for the Holidays!

airport playTraveling during the holiday season can be hectic – especially when you have children with you.
The time it takes to arrive at your final destination may seem like forever to the little ones. If they’re flying for the first time, the journey might also feel strange and overwhelming for them. Fortunately, SeaTac Airport offers some wonderful resources for parents and kids that even many locals may not know exist. This holiday season, you may travel secure in the fact that once you leave your car at a safe, affordable offsite parking facility (such as Aeroparking), you and the kids will have plenty of ways to keep yourselves occupied while you wait to board your flight.

Food for Kids

The airport at SeaTac offers an assortment of options for hungry kids and parents on the go. You’ll find a wealth of places where your family might either grab a quick meal or linger as you wait to catch a flight. Many of the on-site dining establishments offer kids’ menus. If you’re short on time, you can purchase a snack from one of the vending machines at SeaTac – they’re strategically placed throughout the airport for your 26convenience.

Shopping at the Airport

No matter what you or your children might wish for at SeaTac Airport, chances are good that you’ll find it in one of the shops. If you forgot to bring something to entertain your children while they’re on the plane, check out one of the specialty stores. You can browse books, movie and TV rentals, fine chocolates, and more.

Relief for Parents

In addition to the rocking chairs in Central Terminal, a mothers’ room with rocking chairs is available. The room also contains foot stools, side tables, and electrical outlets, so mothers may nurse in privacy if they wish. You can shop for necessary items, such as medicine and diapers, at several Hudson stores. If you need a car seat or stroller, you’ll find rentals at Ken’s Baggage & Frozen Food Storage.

Let’s Play!

Did you know that SeaTac Airport has a playroom designed just for young travelers? It’s located between A Gates and Central Terminal. The playroom is brightly lit, cheerful, and filled with activities that your children will enjoy. Even the illustrations on the walls are sure to spark the imagination of your young ones.

Entertainment Galore

Your family may like to stroll along the SeaTac Airport Art Walk, which features a variety of art exhibits. The airport is also proud to provide live musical entertainment from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. every day of the week. This is one aspect of the Experience the City of Music program. In addition to the live music, you’ll also hear the music of more than 240 Northwest music artists played through overhead speakers.

Holiday travel with the little ones does not need to be an overwhelming prospect. Your first step is to park your car at Aeroparking (one of SeaTac’s best resources for travelers on a budget). Once you’re at the airport, your family will find a wide range of activities and resources for people of all ages.

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