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Planning Your Summer Road Trip? Why Flying From SeaTac Is a Greener Option

Flying is Greener than DrivingSummer is just around the corner, and that means vacation time for a lot of people. School is out for many kids, and adults across the nation get to put on their swimsuits and frolic in the sun. If you’re counting the minutes until your summer holiday, you might have several ideas in mind.

You might be thinking of packing up the little ones and driving somewhere fabulous. However, countless people have discovered that the road trips of the past are not necessarily the best option for the present. Pollution is a worldwide problem, and it isn’t getting less problematic. Everyone needs to make an effort to reduce their carbon footprint, from major corporations to small businesses to individuals.

Flying Is Greener Than Driving

If you’re skeptical about flying being a more environmentally sound choice than driving, consider the following analysis: A report conducted by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute in 2015 revealed that flying is, indeed, the greener travel option. As of 2010, driving required an energy intensity that was up to 57 percent greater than the intensity expended for flying.

Although both airplanes and motor vehicles are being designed to be more energy efficient in general, a plane simply transports far more people than a car in one trip. The number of people present on an average flight has increased greatly in the last several years. This means that, while driving to your summer destination might once have been more beneficial to the environment than flying there, this is no longer the case. Domestic flights, especially, may offer a greener option for travelers overall.

Better Energy Efficiency by Design

Airplanes are also being designed to yield better energy efficiency than they once did. Jet engines are being created to deliver greater thrust, which ultimately increases the airflow around the jet. Other aerodynamic changes include wingtip fins that decrease the drag on a plane. Additionally, new materials are being used to create airplanes, making them lighter than ever.

Plane designers are also concerned with increasing the fuel efficiency of modern planes, just as auto manufacturers are.  Some airlines are interested in using biofuels to propel their aircraft to various destinations. In fact, at least one airline has made plans to fuel their planes partially with waste matter from farms. Government regulations and standards may also be created to incentivize fuel efficiency among all domestic airlines.

What does all of this mean in terms of your next summer vacation? Well, you may want to rethink your plans to drive your car across the country or even across the state. Instead, consider taking a flight out of SeaTac to get to your chosen destination. Before you go, be sure to park your vehicle at an affordable offsite parking facility. Aeroparking offers rates that beat the airport parking rates any day of the week. By taking a flight from SeaTac and parking your vehicle at Aeroparking, you can minimize your carbon footprint and save money at the same time.

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