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Making Parking Arrangements Online: The Key to Worry-Free Travel Out of SeaTac

Woman Making ReservationsIf you’re parking at SeaTac Airport during your trip, you’ll find that offsite parking is an economical and convenient option. You can save a lot of money on long-term parking when you park and fly at the Aeroparking lot, which is only a few minutes away from the airport. Making a reservation is easy – you can make your arrangements online so that your spot is ready when you are. Even if you don’t live far from the parking facility, securing your reservation online just makes sense. You’ll never need to worry about finding a spot at the airport – use the online site to get a free quote, and you’ll quickly understand why SeaTac residents are opting for the park and fly option at Aeroparking over all others.

How to Make a Reservation

Getting a reservation at the offsite SeaTac facility can be done in a matter of minutes. You simply fill out the needed information, which includes your name, email address, and phone number – and you can make any comments that you feel are worth noting. You may then use the 100-percent-secure form to fill in your payment information, and you’ll be ready to go. Just click the “Reserve Now” link, and proceed to the next field for reservation information. Don’t forget to call the number listed on the first screen if you have any questions about booking your reservation. Aeroparking is known for its superior customer service, and we want to help you get your questions answered as quickly as possible.

Getting a Free Quote

If you’d like to get a free quote before you arrange for a parking spot, don’t hesitate to use the free online quote form. This form is just as simple to navigate as the reservation page. You’ll fill out important details, like your date of departure and your date of return. Be sure to insert the times you expect to park and pick up your vehicle, as well. Fill in your Perks Rewards number if you’re a member, so you may receive credit toward a free day of parking. Check the appropriate box, and your membership will get you another dollar discount per day. Click the “Free Quote” link, and you’ll know how much you can expect to pay.

What If You’re Early or Late?

It isn’t always possible to meet the exact time of your reservation, so don’t worry if that happens. Flights do not always leave or return according to their schedule, and Aeroparking will not penalize you because of it. You won’t be forced to pay an exorbitant fee because your plane arrived late; you’ll only need to pay the regular rates for the extra time. If you need to pick up your car earlier than expected, the facility will even refund you within a week.

The clear choice for parking at SeaTac Airport is the offsite option. The rates are the most reasonable around, and making arrangements to park in the lot is easy. Once you make a reservation with us online, you’ll appreciate how convenient it is to secure a spot with Aeroparking.

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