Aeroparking Blog: All About Parking at SeaTac Airport

Learn How to Navigate SeaTac Airport – Including Where You Should Park

TrafficTraveling can be a hectic experience – especially on the day that you are scheduled to leave town! You must coordinate what often seems like a million details, from packing everything you need to finding your way around the airport to getting a parking spot that is secure and affordable. If you’re planning a trip out of SeaTac airport, you may want to familiarize yourself with how to find the areas of the airport that you will need or want to access. Don’t forget to park your vehicle in the best place possible: The offsite parking facility at SeaTac.

The Terminals at SeaTac

Knowing how to find the right terminal is a crucial part of catching a plane. The terminal layout at SeaTac Airport is not overly complex, so you should be able to find the one you need without a lot of hassle. The Central Terminal is located adjacent to the Main Terminal, and the Main Terminal is separated into two stations (North and South). All of the gates radiate outward from the direction of the two terminals.

Baggage Claim

The baggage claim area can be found at the Main Terminal. There are 16 baggage carousels, and your airline’s staff should let you know which one you need to access. You will find restrooms scattered throughout this general area for your convenience. The designated place for ground transportation (including offsite parking) can be located just outside the baggage claim area.

Security Checkpoints

The security checkpoints are at the Main Terminal near the ticket counter area. Always be sure to arrive at the airport well ahead of your departure time, in case the lines for the security checkpoints are long or there is some kind of delay. Don’t forget to view the Transportation Security Administration guidelines before you leave for the airport, so you know what you may bring and how to pack it.

Parking at SeaTac Airport

Parking at the airport itself is expensive, so you may want to find a different option. Many SeaTac flyers prefer the convenience and affordability of parking offsite at SeaTac. The rates to park at the Aeroparking offsite facility are very affordable, and the lot is located just minutes away from the airport.

Traveling can be an overwhelming experience if you aren’t adequately prepared for it. Simply becoming familiar with the airport’s layout will help you to navigate it efficiently once you’re there. Before you get to SeaTac Airport, be sure to leave your car somewhere secure that offers excellent rates. Aeroparking will provide you with a clean, well-lighted facility, and you can catch a free shuttle to the airport after you’ve parked your vehicle. You won’t be forced to navigate your way around the exterior area at the airport, which is often the most confusing aspect of arriving to get your plane. Simply exit the shuttle, retrieve your bags, and you will be on your way to the beginning of your trip out of SeaTac.

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