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After You Leave SeaTac Airport: Know the Customs of Your Intended Destination

Chinese New Year in KolkataTraveling to a foreign country can be the adventure of a lifetime. Such a trip may yield numerous opportunities to explore people, cuisine, and attractions that are completely different from anything you’ve ever seen up close. However, you should be aware that every country has customs and practices that are unique to its people. In order to enjoy yourself fully and feel relatively comfortable while you’re there, it may be helpful to learn about certain customs associated with your destination of choice. You might be surprised by some of the common practices of various populations across the world.

Doused With Spices

If you visit Denmark and see people tossing cinnamon at a twenty-something, you probably won’t need to contact the authorities. Throwing cinnamon on people who are unmarried by the time they reach the age of 25 is a common practice in that Scandinavian country. Once people turn 30 and remain unmarried, they may be peppered with…well…pepper. Instead of reacting with horror, you may want to grab a few handfuls and join in (be sure that you are welcome to do so before you attempt it, though).

Watch Which Finger You Use

Before you point at someone, be sure you’re using the correct finger. In some countries of Southeast Asia – such as Malaysia – pointing with your index finger may be considered rude. Instead, you might use your thumb to perform the gesture.

A Face Full Of Cake

If you happen to be in Mexico at the time of your birthday and someone throws you a traditional party, don’t be surprised if you find cake on your face. The custom is to shove the birthday honoree’s face in the cake after the birthday song has been sung. This is not meant to be insulting; it should be taken in the lighthearted spirit in which the tradition is intended.

Mind Your Legs and Feet

In Thailand, it’s wise to be aware of how you are positioning your legs and your feet. If you point your feet at someone (or at a statue of Buddha, for that matter), the gesture will likely be deemed a rude one. Also considered rude are setting your feet on a chair or a desk. Crossing your legs when you sit on the ground is another movement to avoid, and raising your feet higher than a person’s head is an insult.

Leave Your Shoes at the Door

If you’re invited to a person’s home in Japan, be sure to take off your shoes before you move beyond the entrance. The accepted practice is to remove your shoes immediately upon entering a home; you will find an area directly inside the entrance that is designated for this purpose. Additionally, your shoes should be positioned toward the outside of the home.

Traveling to a foreign country can be an eye-opening and delightful experience. Just make sure that you’re aware of the most common customs, so you don’t inadvertently offend natives of the land. If you’re flying from SeaTac to reach your destination, you can park your car minutes from the airport at Aeroparking; the lot is well-lighted and safe, and you may catch a free shuttle to SeaTac Airport when you park there.

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