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Keeping Your Home Safe When You Fly Out of SeaTac

 keysTraveling could mean leaving your home vulnerable to intruders – but you can do a variety of things to minimize this risk. Potential thieves may be on the prowl, but that doesn’t mean that they need to identify your residence as a target. You shouldn’t have to worry about your home being vandalized, broken into, or burglarized. Once you know a few basic tips and tricks for safeguarding your place from an invasion, you’ll be able to travel with the kind of peace of mind everyone deserves.

Be Sure Your Home Is Properly Equipped

The first thing you might do when you’re planning a trip is to make sure your property is properly equipped with security features. This does not mean that you need to install the latest and most expensive security equipment. However, you should probably install at least a basic alarm – and don’t forget to leave on plenty of lights throughout the interior and exterior of the property. You might even utilize a timing system for the lights – they’ll turn on and off at alternate intervals to give the impression that the house is occupied.

Talk to Your Neighbors

Neighbors can be quite helpful when you’re away from home. Ideally, you will develop a network of relationships with those who live in your neighborhood. You can each watch the others’ homes when they are unoccupied. If you haven’t yet gone as far as creating a neighborhood lookout network, you can still talk to one or two trusted neighbors before you leave. They might be willing to keep an eye on your home when you’re gone, especially if you offer to do the same for them when they travel.

Enlist a House-Sitter

Another way to ensure that your home is not an easy target is to hire someone to stay overnight while you are out of town. You may have a friend with a college-age child who would be the perfect candidate for such a task. You could also hire a person who does this sort of thing regularly – more people than ever seem to be hiring themselves out for odd jobs of all kinds. This can be particularly useful if you have pets; a house-sitter can take care of your animals, as well as bring in your mail and water any plants or flowers you might have.

Use Offsite SeaTac Airport Parking

Don’t forget that thieves often look for cars that are sitting unused. If your car is parked in front of your home for a week without moving, a potential intruder could realize that no one is home. Prevent this from happening by driving your car to the Aeroparking facility and parking it there. Burglars will not see your vehicle sitting in your driveway while you’re on your trip; therefore, they won’t be alerted to your absence.

Taking a trip should be a fun experience, so don’t allow the possibility of a home invasion to leave you worrying. Take various measures to protect your home from being vulnerable. When you fly out of SeaTac Airport, leave your car parked in an offsite lot like Aeroparking, so criminals won’t notice it parked in front of your home for a long stretch of time.

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