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Etiquette When Flying From SeaTac – How to Get Along With Your Fellow Travelers

passengersTraveling can be a wonderful experience, but certain situations may challenge even the most congenial of individuals. When you’re flying from SeaTac Airport, the close quarters can create tension and irritability in yourself or among others on the plane. This may be especially true of those who have had to endure flight delays and other travel mishaps. Here are a few strategies for keeping your peace of mind while you travel.

The Gift of Silence

When you’re about to embark on a long-awaited vacation, you may be brimming with excitement and enthusiasm. While the urge to share your feelings and travel plans with the person sitting next to you might be overwhelming, you may want to restrain the urge to chat if your seatmate does not exhibit the same inclination. If you make a few attempts to engage in small talk and a fellow passenger smiles politely but then closes his eyes, folds his arms, and crosses his legs, he would probably appreciate the gift of silence during some or all of the flight. Respect his body language by reading a magazine or listening to music during your plane ride.

Avoiding an Armrest Battle

Whenever possible, try to share the armrest with the individual seated next to you. No single passenger has an exclusive right to this plane feature. If the person in the adjoining seat dominates the armrest that sits between the two of you, you might want to reexamine your perspective of the situation. Yes, a fully grown adult should be able and willing to share – but if your seatmate clearly isn’t going to do that, is it worth an altercation or a passive-aggressive struggle simply to indulge in a few hours of extra comfort? You might want to cross your arms or fold your hands in your lap – and redirect your focus to all of the fun you will have once you arrive at your destination.

Share the Overhead Compartment

If you can fit your carry-on bag underneath your seat, you will leave more space overhead for others – and as a reward for your consideration, you’ll be able to exit the plane even faster when it lands. When you have two carry-on bags or if the one you have won’t fit underneath your seat, you might travel with soft luggage instead of a bag with a hard case; this will make the bag easier to fit in the compartment overhead, and it will be less cumbersome for you and others using the space.

Recline With Courtesy

Using your seat to recline can be a great way to get some rest during your flight. However, the legroom on many airplanes has decreased in the last several years, so airline companies may add more seats to their aircrafts. To demonstrate respect to the passenger behind you, you could ask politely if she would mind your reclining in your seat. Another option would be to let her know that you are going to be reclined during the flight, and she is welcome to tell you if your seat is leaning too far back for her comfort.

Most airplane passengers want to experience harmony while they’re in the air. By paying attention to a few simple details, you can do your part to maintain the peace on your next plane trip. If another passenger is being excessively rude or seems threatening, you may need to speak calmly and quietly with a flight attendant about the issue. In most cases, however, passengers can work together to enjoy their flight as much as possible. Remember to leave your vehicle at the Aeroparking facility before you catch your plane; this will help to ensure that you arrive for your flight in a good mood, knowing that your car is in a safe place for the duration of your trip.

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