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Flying From SeaTac? Remember to Pack These Health and Beauty Products

beauty productsYou probably want to get as much use from your luggage space as possible – but that doesn’t have to mean compromising on health and beauty essentials. Unless you’re traveling to a very remote area, you’ll probably be able to find several of the products you need at your destination. However, the prices may be higher than you anticipated, especially if don’t have access to an affordable drugstore. The following tips could help you to stay prepared by packing the items you know you’ll need and want when you’re away from the SeaTac area.

Use Cosmetic Bags for Storage

The kinds of cosmetic bags that accompany many beauty products and shaving kits could be ideal for travel purposes. Most bags can be zipped open and closed, and many of them come with a mirror. Such a bag may also have multiple compartments, so you may keep the contents organized.

Toothbrush and Dental Floss

You can find toothbrushes and dental floss in almost any city in the U.S., but these are still good items to pack for your trip. You may want to carry them in your carry-on bag in case your flight is delayed. You can find a toothbrush designed specifically for travel (more compact than standard sizes and easily stored in its own container), and a travel-sized container of floss should be sufficient for most trips.


Don’t forget to pack your favorite sunscreen. This is especially important if you’re traveling to a place that gets a lot of sunshine. You won’t want to discover that the local drugstore is out of sunblock once you arrive at your destination. Many moisturizers contain sunscreen, and that level of sun protection could be ideal for you. You can also purchase small containers of sunblock that are perfectly sized for traveling.

Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo can be invaluable when you’re traveling. You may not always have time for a long shower or bath, but this type of product may help you to keep your hair looking and smelling great. You will even find dry shampoo products that work well with color-treated hair. Countless travelers have discovered that dry shampoo is an indispensable travel item.

Medications and Supplements

Remember to bring any medications and supplements that you use regularly. You won’t want to be without a topical cream you’ve been using for a recent rash, and there is no guarantee that such a product will be available when you need it in a different city. If you depend on various medications – whether prescribed or sold over the counter – you may want to pack enough for every day of your trip (plus another few days to be safe). Make sure that you also pack the supplements you use that are difficult to find or that must be special-ordered.

In modern places, you can typically find the health and beauty items you need. However, some things are essential, and you might not want to risk the chance that they won’t be available for any reason. By packing the items you know you’ll need, you can save time and money that could be better spent elsewhere. Another way to conserve your travel resources is by parking your car at Aeroparking; the facility is far more affordable than parking at the airport – and when you reserve a spot before your trip, you can simply park your vehicle at the lot and catch a free shuttle to SeaTac Airport.


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