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Flying Superstitions to Smile About at SeaTac Airport

horseshoeNow that October is here, you might contemplate a few superstitions about flying while you’re waiting to board your plane. People will do some strange things in an effort to avoid bad luck on their journeys. From holding hands, to photographing the plane, to taking a stuffed animal along for the flight, a wide range of rituals has been utilized to keep danger at bay. As long as you remember that flying is one of the safest ways to travel, you can have a good laugh about these strange notions as you wait to board your plane at SeaTac Airport.

Wearing Socks Inside-Out

Some people believe in pre-flight rituals that include wearing odd pieces of clothing. Others believe that wearing ordinary clothing in a way that is different from the norm will keep them free from harm while flying. At least one passenger has admitted to wearing socks inside-out for every flight. It may look strange, but perhaps that’s a small price to pay for creating a sense of security about flying.

Photo of the Aircraft

Another way that some fliers comfort themselves before a flight is to capture the airplane in a photograph. Once they have taken the image, they send it to either a friend or a relative. Before they had access to current technologies, these individuals would simply mail such a photo from the airport or after arriving at their travel destination. Now, of course, they can simply send their airplane picture digitally.

Counting to a Certain Number

This superstitious habit may actually be based in logic. Numerous individuals count to 100 (or a different number) after they have settled into their seat on the plane. By counting to a specific number, such people may distract themselves from the stress that accompanies the flying experience. Doing this could be especially calming for someone who is afraid to fly. It might also be a wise strategy for a person who has a stressful day prior to boarding the plane.

Holding Hands on the Plane

Some fliers believe that holding hands after they board the plane will help to keep them secure as they soar through the sky. This should be quite doable for people who are traveling together. Certain travelers who swear by the practice opt to clasp their own hands together when they are not traveling with others.

Companion Animal

Countless people own companion animals, and they may take them along when they travel. However, other travelers are superstitious about traveling with a stuffed animal. The toy could be a favorite from childhood, or it might be one with special significance acquired in adulthood. The stuffed toy might also be something other than an animal – as long as it brings comfort to its owner, such an item may serve as a useful travel accessory.

Now that you know that many fliers are this superstitious about flying, any anxiety you have may lessen when you reflect on the strange rituals they implement to calm their minds. Air travel continues to be a very safe option. One thing you should always be superstitious about is getting the best deals for your money; you can count on doing just that when you park your car at Aeroparking near SeaTac Airport.

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