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Flying Out of SeaTac With Your Family? A Few Quick Tips

Family at the airportTraveling with your family can be a lot of fun, especially if you know how to stay organized and safe. Whether you’re vacationing with your toddler, teenager, or elderly parents, the experience may present various unique challenges. However, a little careful planning can help to circumvent some of the most common problems that air travelers face. If you’re flying out of SeaTac Airport with your family, you might benefit from following a few tips and tricks.

When You Travel With Minors

If you’re traveling with children who are under the age of 18, you’ll need to know a few basic rules. If your kids are at least 16 years of age, they will need to present their identification (photo ID) at the security checkpoints for domestic flights. If you’re flying out of the country, everyone in your group will need a passport, regardless of age. Depending on which country you will be visiting, you might each need a visa, as well.

Flying With Ease

Children can become intimidated or bored with air travel, so you should strategize ahead of time to avoid potential problems. Be sure your kids are dressed comfortably, and they should be wearing clothing that makes using the lavatory easy. Adolescents may want to bring plenty of reading material and an electronic device (smart phone or tablet) to keep themselves entertained. You should pack a favorite toy for your little one, so he or she feels secure on the trip. Young children may also stay occupied with picture books, games and puzzles that are age-appropriate. If any of your children are particularly fussy about food, then you may need to carry along some of the treats that you know they’ll eat (but try to pack items that are as healthy as possible – healthy foods will help to regulate their moods).

Traveling With Seniors

If you’re flying with a senior parent, you may need to plan ahead for him or her, too. You can check with the airline if your parent requires a wheelchair; some airlines don’t even charge to book wheelchairs. Items to bring with you might include earplugs, a sweater, and a comfortable blanket that folds and fits easily in your carry-on bag. You might also bring an eye mask in case your elderly parent has trouble sleeping. Your parent may appreciate having a book or magazine accessible during the flight. Don’t forget to pack any medications that your mom or dad might require before you land. If your parent is on a special diet, you might need to arrange a special meal with the airline.

Park in a Safe Place

One detail you won’t want to forget is to park your car somewhere safe. The last thing you’ll want to deal with when you return is a stolen or vandalized vehicle. Parking your car at an offsite SeaTac facility like Aeroparking is a safe and economical strategy.

You and your family should have fun on your trip out of SeaTac. A little planning can do much to ensure that you do. Keep a list handy when you’re packing, and remember to reserve a spot at the Aeroparking lot before you drive to the airport.

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