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Flying Alone From SeaTac? How to Stay Safe and Have a Great Time

touristsIf you’ve never traveled alone, you may be somewhat anxious about what to expect. However, taking a trip by yourself can be exhilarating as long as you know how to stay safe. In fact, going alone may give you more opportunities to see and do things that you might not if you were with someone. Whether you’re traveling alone on business or simply wish to experience a solo vacation, you might want to consider a few hacks to get the most from your journey.

Choose a Tourist-Friendly Destination

Some places are easier to explore, and those are probably the best choices for a tourist traveling alone. Many Americans have traveled to Southeast Asia without companions, and they were able to communicate with others who spoke English fluently. Any of the major European cities should also be relatively simple to travel through and explore. Another viable choice might be a resort in an exotic location – you’ll likely be treated to excellent service, and you’ll be surrounded by the friendly, happy faces of other resort guests.

Know the Local Transportation Options

In order to get around safely and efficiently, you’ll need to know how to navigate your destination of choice. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the local transportation options, from trains to buses to cabs. If you plan to ride the local trains, get a map and route schedule as quickly as possible (you might even want to find this information online and download it before your trip).

Wear Understated Attire

Blending in with the crowd is almost never a bad idea when you’re in a new place. Dressing in understated clothing will make you less conspicuous as a tourist than if you were wearing novelty items and ostentatious clothing. Save the fashion statements for your home town, and dress as conservatively as possible when you’re in a strange place.

Enjoy the Chance to Be Selfish

When you travel by yourself, you can do all the things you may not have been able to do the last time you traveled with someone else. Enjoy this opportunity to visit tourist attractions others might not want to join you in seeing. Do whatever you want to do, and wherever your mood compels you to go.

Park Your Vehicle Safely

Before you even leave SeaTac Airport, you’ll want to park your vehicle at a safe location. Since airport parking is typically expensive, try parking offsite at the Aeroparking lot. It’s guarded 24 hours a day, seven days per week. The facility is clean, and the free shuttle buses to and from the airport run frequently.

If you’re traveling without a companion, use the occasion as an excuse to have the time of your life. If you learn the local transportation methods, dress appropriately, and select a destination that is easy to navigate, you should have a great deal of fun on your trip. Don’t forget to leave your car at Aeroparking, where it will remain safe until you come back to SeaTac.

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