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How to Find Affordable Accommodations When You Leave SeaTac

journalStaying in a fancy hotel is great when you can afford to, but that can also be expensive. Not to worry, though; you can save money when you’re traveling – and still have an amazing trip – if you’re willing to try some non-traditional travel accommodations.

Use a Hospitality Exchange Portal

You’ve likely heard of Airbnb, and you may also know that you can find places to stay via Craigslist in almost any area you might visit. However, you might be surprised to know that a wealth of hospitality exchange websites serves the needs of travelers on a budget. The Global Freeloaders site is an excellent place to find free accommodations throughout the world. Another hospitality exchange website worth considering is Couchsurfing. You could also meet some incredible people by taking advantage of these sites; the locals you stay with at your destination of choice might be delighted to show you the parts of their hometown that tourists never see.

Another way to secure living quarters on the cheap when you travel is to schedule a trip to do volunteer work. The need for caring, compassionate individuals is as powerful as ever. You might offer your extra hands on a farm in another country, receiving free room and board in exchange for your help. If you’re unsure about how to get started on a traveling/volunteering adventure, you can contact a major organization in that field for more information (such as the Peace Corps or the United Nations). If you’re a professional artist, you could reach out to ArtCorps, a program that uses art to create social change.

Become a Travel Writer

If you’re skilled at writing or are interested in learning the craft, you may want to consider being a travel writer. By contacting various hotels before you organize your travel plans, you may be able to enjoy reduced rates for your next hotel stay. In exchange for the discounted or free accommodations, you will likely be required to provide a truthful review of your experience. This could be a viable way to explore those exotic locales you’ve been dreaming about but never thought you could afford to visit.

Rent From a Property Owner

You may also find a good deal on a vacation rental if you contact the owner directly. Doing this eliminates the need to pay extra money to a third party, such as a travel agency or rental service. One site that enables you to rent via property owners is Vacation Rental by Owner (VRBO). You can search the VRBO website and select from more than a million rental units across the globe.

Everyone needs time away from the daily grind now and then, but traveling does not need to be a costly experience. You can experience the vacation you desire without spending your mortgage or rent payment on hotel accommodations. Remember to park at an offsite SeaTac facility to make the most of your budget, as well. Aeroparking offers rates that are kind to the wallet, and you won’t have to sacrifice security and great customer service in order to save money on parking.

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