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Flying From SeaTac: A Few of the Best Places to Visit in the Springtime

parthenon, greeceAre you trying to decide how to use those frequent flyer miles you’ve accumulated? Springtime is a wonderful time to see some new places. Flowers are blooming and the temperature is typically sublime. You won’t need to worry about packing snow boots and a big coat. Countless people are in high spirits once the weather is no longer cold and gray. If you’re not sure where you want to go, you might consider these vacation destinations for spring.

U.S Destinations

San Diego, CA is beautiful at any time of year, and it’s a fabulous place to visit in the spring. The weather is mild, and you’ll find plenty of local attractions worth exploring – like the San Diego Zoo. Be sure to pack a swimsuit, so you can relax on one of the amazing beaches in the area.

Portland, OR is another lovely vacation spot to visit in the spring. If you explore Tryon Creek State Natural Area, you’ll be able to see plenty of pretty white trilliums. In fact, visiting any of the local parks should enable you to feast your eyes on an abundance of various blooms.

Washington, D.C. may be at its visual best in the spring. Viewing all of the cherry blossoms is an unforgettable experience. Plus, you can visit some of the historical sites and monuments that you learned about when you were in school.

Innumerable people have discovered that a visit to the Grand Canyon may be much more enjoyable in the spring than in the summertime. Temperatures can get quite high there in the summer. When you go in the spring, you may fully appreciate the natural wonder of the place in comfort – and you may be less likely to share the experience with hordes of other tourists.

Outside the U.S.

It’s not a coincidence that at least one famous song mentions Paris, France in the springtime. The gardens and parks in this romantic city are filled with spring flowers. When you’re done exploring those, you can sip coffee in an outdoor café or shop to your heart’s content.

The island of Bali is an amazing destination for spring. This Indonesian island offers a spectacular landscape of volcanoes and trees bordered by vast sandy beaches and blue-green water. The pagodas give the place a mystical feel that can be simultaneously comforting and invigorating.

Athens, Greece is another location to add to your springtime travel list. The chance to view the ancient architecture is one of many reasons to visit this capital city. If you seek luxury accommodations, you may stay at one of the resorts in the area.

Don’t let those frequent flyer miles go unused! Take advantage of them by scheduling a spring vacation – even if you can only get away for a weekend. Remember to park your vehicle in a secure place while you’re gone; you can leave your vehicle at Aeroparking for safekeeping.

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