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Where to Leave Your Car at SeaTac Airport? The Benefits of Off-site Parking

parking lotYou know that parking your car in a safe, reliable place when you fly is important, but did you know that parking a few minutes away from the airport could actually save you money? If you’ve ever left your vehicle in an airport parking lot for an extended stay, you may have been shocked at how much the final bill was. In some cases, the cost of long-term parking at the airport can add up to more than the cost of your plane fare. Many travelers have found that off-site parking near the airport is a far more cost-effective strategy, especially when they plan to be gone for longer than a day or two.

Comparison of Current Rates

While rates may change occasionally to reflect factors such as inflation, taking a look at current rates is a great way to compare airport parking versus off-site parking near the airport. Depending on which parking option you choose, the current cost of parking at SeaTac Airport ranges from about $28 to $35 per day. That’s a pretty hefty price for one day, and using the lot for longer than that could literally cost you more than your airfare in some cases.

When you look at the cost of parking at an off-site facility near the airport, such as Aeroparking, you will see that the daily rates are far lower than the daily rates at the airport. Even the airport’s weekly rates are over twice the amount of what it would cost to pay the daily rates for a week at the Aeroparking facility.

When you consider the overwhelming disparity in price between the two facilities, it may be difficult to imagine why anyone would opt to park at SeaTac Airport instead of the Aeroparking facility. In most cases, people probably make this choice because they are not aware of the better, more cost-effective option. Now that you know, you may want to start thinking about all of the ways you can spend the money you’ll save when you leave your vehicle with Aeroparking.

Additional Benefits

Saving a significant sum of money is not the only benefit of leaving your car with Aeroparking. The facility is known for its superior customer service; when you take the free shuttle that operates around the clock, our drivers are happy to load your luggage while you select a seat. Our shuttle service runs every 15 minutes, so you never need to worry about missing your flight. Additionally, our parking facility is equipped with an array of security features, including fences, proper lighting, and 24-hour on-site security.

If you prefer to save money while still enjoying great service, then you may want to reconsider the option of parking at the airport when you fly out of SeaTac. Aeroparking offers off-site parking that is close to the airport, and the money you’ll save when you park at our facility may astound you. Whether your trip is for a day or a week, why should you pay so much more to park your car at the airport while you’re gone? With the money you save at Aeroparking, you could treat yourself to another trip sometime soon!

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