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Uber or Park & Fly? The Best Choice for Getting to SeaTac Airport

Car ignition with key, close-upThe Uber trend is currently popular, but this does not mean that it is the most viable option when you’re flying out of SeaTac. This method of getting to the airport seemed like a great idea when it was new, but that outlook may continue to change as the business model is presented with the test of time. More people than ever may be interested in a better alternative to the Uber strategy: Park &Fly. Leaving your car at the SeaTac Aeroparking facility could be a safer and more reliable choice when you need to leave the city.

Why Uber May Not Be the Best Choice

One of the top reasons that countless people do not wish to ride with Uber and other ride-sharing companies is the safety issue. While such companies may claim that they perform background checks before selecting drivers, the lack of government regulation does not work to ensure your security as a passenger. If you ride with such a service, you may be left unprotected due to a lack of drug testing, vehicle inspection, or a proper background check.

Surcharge for Safety

A recent trend among ride-sharing companies may be the safety surcharge. This is an additional fee tacked on to the original charge for a “secure” ride. However, such services in general do not appear to have added more rigorous screening practices to their hiring routines – the surcharge may be more for appearances than anything else (in addition to charging an extra fee for a privilege that customers should be able to enjoy without paying more).

This extra fee could make taking a cab seem like a better choice, and it may very well be. The problem with taking a cab to and from the airport is that you are spending money that could be spent on countless different things. You could use that money to pay for a meal or two when you’re on your trip. You might use it to pay for a client’s evening out if you’re going on a business trip. If the purpose of your flight out of SeaTac is to have some fun, you might apply the money you’d spend on airfare to the purchase of a souvenir for someone you care about at home.

Aeroparking Offers the Answer

Instead of paying for a questionable Uber ride or an expensive taxi excursion, you can drive your vehicle to the Aeroparking lot and leave it there. The lot is secure, the customer service is great, and your car will be waiting for you upon your return. You won’t need to worry about putting yourself at risk with a ride-sharing service, and you won’t need to pay extra money for your ride to and from SeaTac Airport. You can catch a free shuttle to the airport and back to the parking facility when you are back in town. These are all factors that make the Aeroparking lot the best option every time you fly out of SeaTac.

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