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Self-Park and Lock: The Convenience of Self-Parking at SeaTac Airport

Person holding keysWhen you are rushing to make your flight, you need every spare moment you can get. In some cases, waiting for valet service could cause you to arrive later than you should at the airport. This is one of the many reasons that innumerable smart travelers prefer the self-park method at Aeroparking, which is just a few minutes away from SeaTac Airport. Instead of using an expensive car or limousine service, a parking facility with only valet service, or making arrangements for a cab, you can park and fly without absorbing unnecessary expense.

A Brief Look at the Other Choices

To get a clear sense of how beneficial the “self-park and lock” option is, it may be useful to explore the other choices that might be available. If you are a corporate traveler, your company may have arranged for a car service in the past. However, this is an expensive practice, and many companies today would rather find a better alternative – so they can still offer their executives other perks that they will probably appreciate more than a car service.

Taking a taxi may seem like a logical choice – until you discover that the cost of one cab ride can be double what you would pay for a day or two of parking at Aeroparking’s SeaTac facility. Since you would then need a taxi upon your return, your total cost in cab fare could be equivalent to several days or a week of SeaTac off-site parking. Additionally, if your cab does not pick you up in a timely manner, you could miss your flight altogether.

Another option that people sometimes assume will be convenient is to park directly at the airport. Although this may seem like a wise plan, you may find yourself at the airport with no place to park. Aeroparking enables you to make reservations before you arrive, so you never need to be concerned about finding a space. Airport parking is also much more expensive than leaving your vehicle at a secure, off-site facility like Aeroparking (which is near the airport and offers free shuttle service to and from SeaTac Airport).

Valet vs Self-Park and Lock

While valet service may seem like a luxury worth considering, this service isn’t always as convenient as you might think. Waiting for a valet could cause you to miss a flight, especially when valet service is your only choice. When you park your car yourself, all you need to do is park, lock the car, and board the free shuttle to the airport. In some cases, Aeroparking may rely on temporary valet service to accommodate customers quickly. This is typically done when the spaces have filled; by enabling valets to organize the overflow, the facility relieves you of the burden of finding a space.

Parking at an off-site SeaTac Airport facility has become a popular strategy among travelers. You can leave your vehicle in a parking lot with plenty of security, and you don’t need to give it another thought during your trip. With the money you save by parking at Aeroparking, you can spend more on your trip itself – like getting a room upgrade for your family or treating a client to dinner.

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