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Aeroparking Perks Club Membership at SeaTac: What It Can Do for You

Counting dollarsIf you’ve parked at an on-site airport parking lot recently, you probably already know that parking off-site near SeaTac is the most cost-efficient choice. Airport parking fees can quickly add up, but leaving your car at a first-rate facility, such as Aeroparking, will help you save money while ensuring that your vehicle is safe until you return from your trip.

The many benefits of parking at the Aeroparking lot make it the obvious choice for SeaTac customers – but are you aware of the advantages of being a Perks Club member at the facility? If you haven’t yet discovered the Perks Club, you are about to appreciate SeaTac offsite parking even more than you already do! Membership is free, easy, and intended to benefit you as a loyal Aeroparking customer.

Free Parking Days: A Major Advantage

The top perk associated with club membership is the fact that you earn points every time you park at the Aeroparking lot. Once you accumulate enough points, you get free parking days at the lot. This is the breakdown: After you have 35 points available to you, Aeroparking gives you one free day to park at the facility. Once you have 70 points, you can park for two days at no charge to you. When you accumulate 105 points, you are entitled to three days free at the lot. After you have 175 available points, you can park for five days at no cost to you. You may choose to use your one free day as soon as you have earned it, or you can save your points until you have two, three, four, and even five days of free parking available to you.

Save Money Every Time You Park

When you’re a member of the Aeroparking Perks Club, you will save money in a variety of ways. Initially, you are making a sound financial decision simply by parking at our lot – this is a far more economical option than parking at the airport lot, and it’s generally less expensive than taking a cab or using  a ride-sharing service. You can also save money by redeeming points for free days. However, we want to help you conserve your parking expenses in as many ways as possible, so we will also give you $1 off of our posted rates per day.

We Make It Easy to Be a Member

Have you ever joined a customer loyalty program – only to realize that you must meet several demands before you may redeem your rewards? Aeroparking doesn’t believe that loyal customers should be forced to deal with a seemingly endless array of intricate details to redeem the rewards that they’ve rightfully earned. Being a Perks Club member should be easy – never complicated – and the process should be a quick and accessible one for you. That is just one of our commitments to our customers.

All that you need to do to become a member is to complete our easy registration online. You can then log in to your account anytime you choose. You may also manage your parking reservations from the site. Once you know about the Perks Club, becoming a member just makes good sense!

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