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Why Frequent Flyers use Non-airport Parking

Line of CarsAs airport short term parking can often be more expensive than many are willing to pay a lot of frequent flyers have taken to using non airport parking in order to park their vehicles for extended stays because they are often less pricey, but it is important to know that this may not be the safest option.  If you are a frequent flier then you know how inconvenient it can be to have to wait for someone to pick you up from the airport as opposed to simply hopping in your vehicle and leaving directly after your flight.  This is why many may also choose airport parking.  If you are thinking about parking offsite then this can give you some protection for your car as an airport lot depending on where you go but it may not be enough to keep your peace of mind, so do your research.

Whether you are planning on parking at the airport or away from it there are a few things to look out for in order to make sure your car is as safe as possible while you are on your trip.  One thing to look for is the amount of security a particular parking lot has.  As having adequate security can keep your car from being broken into or damaged it is worth it to check on what types your parking lot will have before making the decision to leave your car.  One of the most important aspects of parking security is whether there are attendants working there or not.  It is important to have attendants to patrol the area where cars are parked just in case some suspicious activity is noted and a theft can be avoided.  In addition to this it is necessary that whatever lot you choose has a surveillance system that monitors your car around the clock.  With this in place you can feel confident when it comes to deterring thieves as well as being able to identify the person who has broken into or damaged your car.

In addition to having attendants and cameras it is also important for your car’s safety that you do not park too close to any other vehicles in the parking lot that you choose to be in. This can ensure that you do not have any damage occur to your car upon your leaving it unattended.  In addition to this, there are a few other things that you can do to ensure your car is safe including making sure all of your doors are locked and making sure that you park in an area that has great lighting over it.  This will help the cameras and the attendants at the parking lot to see everything that goes on around your car so it will be easier for them to alert the proper authorities if something does happen to your vehicle while you are on your vacation or business trip.  This is essential to your vehicle’s safety and to give you the comfort you need.

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