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Ways to Save on your Long-term Parking Needs

With the cost of air fare going up on a regular basis many people are looking for different ways to save on the cost of parking at the airport.  There are a variety of things you can do in order to get this accomplished which will be discussed here.  One simple way that you can save on your long term parking needs at whatever airport you go to is to call in advance and talk to someone about the discounts and rewards programs that the airport may offer.  Some airports across the US offer these discounts to frequent fliers through various airlines.  If you are a frequent flier then you may be able to save an average of 300 dollars on your parking just by signing up for one of these reward programs.  Even if you are not a frequent flier it may be a good idea to sign up because there is no telling how much you can save if you do.

One other way to go about paying a lower price for parking is to park somewhere close to the airport terminals.  Many places offer discounted prices for travelers in order to get them to park at a designated location.  If you do not mind taking a shuttle from a place that is near enough to the airport for you to get there in a reasonable amount of time then this may be the option for you.  Something to be wary of when choosing to park close to the airport is the amount of security in the area you park.  If you are going on an extended trip it is important to keep your car safe so you may want to research how much security is present at this location.  The benefit of parking at an airport is that you have added security such as 24 hour per day surveillance as well as a staff of security personnel that patrols the parking lot on a regular basis.  When parking at a place that is not in the airport you may run the risk of having your car vandalized if the security is not up to par.  This is something to keep in mind no matter where you park.  In this situation the best thing to do may be to call ahead and make sure that the place you plan on parking has cameras and adequate lighting at the very least.

AeroparkingAnother reason that you may want to consider parking at an airport garage is its close proximity to the terminal that you will need to enter.  Parking here ensures that you do not have to rush as much in order to catch your flight and that you can quickly get to your vehicle upon your return to your home city.  This is what attracts many to airport parking and it is a feature that is highly recommended for those with handicap or that are simply worried about the safety of their vehicle.

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