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Safety Features a Long Term Parking Lot Needs

As it is enough hassle to travel without worrying if your car is going to be broken into upon your return you should make sure your car is secure at all costs. If you are planning on parking your car at a long term parking garage and leaving it unattended then it is good to look for the right safety features so that you can have peace of mind on your vacation or business trip.  Some of the safety features that many garages may be lacking can help to deter would be vandals and thieves from getting into your vehicle and taking any of the things that you hold dear to your heart.  These features include things like cameras, security personnel, appropriate lighting at all times, as well as the proper barriers to keep out intruders.  All of these items serve specific purposes which can be a big help in keeping your property as safe as possible while you are away.


When it comes to cameras, these serve a few purpose  in any parking garage which may include the fact that they are there to keep a watch on people’s activities and to make sure that this activity is recorded in the case of foul play.  A camera is a device that can really be of assistance when you suspect that someone has wrongfully hit your car while you were away or if someone has stolen something from your vehicle.  In addition to this cameras can play a major part in helping to locate your vehicle if you cannot find it after you return to the parking garage as many suffer parking amnesia after long trips.

If you have ever been in a garage that is dimly lit you know how easy it can be for someone to be mugged or for things to turn up missing in this environment.  This is why it is a great idea for you to look for areas of parking garages that have good lighting systems if you plan on leaving your car there for any period of time.  Having a good lighting system can not only deter criminals from breaking into your ride but also help you to feel safe when walking to your vehicle at night after just getting off of a plane.  Make sure that the area of the parking garage you choose has this feature for added safety.

In addition to cameras and good lighting a good way to protect the cars in a garage is by having security personnel to patrol the garage throughout the day.  If you are planning on using an extended stay garage ensure that this feature is present by calling ahead to the airport or other establishment and asking them if it is.  This can keep your mind at ease when it comes to leaving on your vacation by letting you know that someone professional is watching out for your property when you are away.  This can also keep your car safe by ensuring that it can be spotted at all times.

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